Marcite Vs Diamond Brite – PRO’S & CON’S

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Marcite is generally the standard Portland White plaster while DiamondBrite is quartz plaster upgrade. If you want the best quality, pick Diamond brite or some other quartz plaster over Marcite. Plus, get at least 1 more bid.

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Marcite Vs Diamond Brite

DiamondBrite or any other enhanced surface is 100x better than regular Marcite for many reasons. If you analyze what makes up a standard marcite versus Diamondbrite or other similar products, you will discover that it is like comparing concrete with no aggregrate in it versus one with none.

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The concrete with the aggregrate is bound to be more durable than one of pure cement. Diamondbrite is made up of quartz crystals compared to River Rok or any other Pebbletech type of pool finish that features small washed stones co bined with quartz.

You will be glad to know that the quartz does make a difference and it does not change the surface finish. You will not feel the quartz, but only see it faintly. The exposed aggregate finishes are noticeably rougher and you can definitely fell the texture.

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Marcite Vs Diamond Brite

Other Benefits or Advantages of Diamond Brite

  • It is made with one of nature’s toughest and purest minerals (Natyural quartz).
  • It is non-affected by the harshest pool chemcials and resists permanent staining.
  • Lastly, the 3-M colorquartz accent colors won’t rust, rub off or fade like other colored aggregrate since the pigment is ceramically bonded to the quartz aggregate.
  • Finally, state-of-the-art polymer modification of Diamond Brite’s cement increases hardness, improves bonding and reduces water penetration. All this adds up to a beautiful yet durable pool finish.
  • It can be drained and cleaned without suffering any damage.
  • The accent color
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You’ll enjoy an extra sense of security knowing fully well that your pool is comfortable, chemical and slip-resistant. The surface is nice to a bathers feet, and in this age of safety consciousness, DiamondBrite is the ideal surface where wet, slippery conditions are a primary concern.

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