10 Logging Companies That Buy Trees For Lumber Near Me

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Do you have trees that are of quality that you will like sold? Or you just have trees that are of quality and can be used for firewood and you would like sold.

Some companies buy trees for several reasons ranging from making pallets to furniture to firewood.

In this article, we will be looking at finding logging companies that will buy your tress from you.

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Some logging companies are out searching for quality wood to buy, they woods ranging from walnut, cotton, oak, etc.

Before contacting any logging company to come to purchase your trees, make your research and determine how quality your trees are and how much they can be sold for.

How To Determine The Price of Your Woods

To determine the price of your tree, it would be wise to let a buyer come around, take a look at the trees and tell you what they are worth.

So many factors that end up determining the amount your trees will be going for.

These factors include:

  • Tree Location:

Where is your tree located? How accessible to the roads are they? What is the distance like?.

If the trees are located in a good spot and not too far away from major access roads, then they can be sold off for a good price.

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However, if the road is not that accessible, it will prove difficult to get a good price for the trees, because the logging company may find it a bit tedious to move their instruments to such a location to come purchase your trees.

  • Tree Size

This is another thing that will affect the price of your trees, the bigger the tree, the higher the amount you will get paid for it.

  • Quality of the Tree

This is very important as well, nobody will be willing to go through the hassles of cutting down trees and then paying you for them if they are not of use to them.

Felling trees is already an expensive venture, am sure even you will not take up such an offer of having to purchase trees that are of no quality, this will lead to expenses rather than making gains.

  • States In Which The Tree is Located

Some trees may be common in one state and be rare in another, you do not expect the prices of the trees to remain the same in both states, so the location and availability of the trees affect how the trees will be priced as well.

  • Type of Tree

Another thing that matters is the species and tree type, some trees are valued higher than others and if you have got these valued trees, this of course will affect the price as the price will be higher than those others that are undervalued.

Woods species like the Oak, walnut are naturally more expensive than woods like the pine.

  • Wood Location

The location of the wood plays another vital role in how much the wood will be going for.

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For instance, if the close located closely to the wood companies, they will be priced higher, and again if the wood is located very close to a residential building, the price may be lower because they are rules and safety measures that may be observed before having that tree felled and then sold.

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Logging Companies That Buy Trees For Lumber Near Me

Things To Know Before Selling Your Trees

Some things to know before selling your trees include:


This is at least 8 feet long with a diameter of six to eight inches in diameter of logs.


It is the value of uncut standing timber.

Standing Timber:

The standing timbers are growing trees that will need to be cut down


An already cut part of a wood.

Lumbers from trees like white oak, black walnut, blackberry can be quite expensive, so if you have these trees, then you will be able to make quite the sum from selling lumber.

Suggestion for Selling Lumbers

Get in touch with a professional forestry partner that has been into the game.

Preferably someone who is already into the business of selling woods, with the person’s experiences and guidance you will be able to know the grades and values of your lumber.

He/she will tell you the tree to cut, how to cut, and the value for the tree.

Second, try and understand the value of the lumber you are to sell.

Each tree is different from another and so they have different marketable characteristics.

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Third, identify prospective buyers, you can get a list of buyers in your country buyers or from your neighboring states, you can get this list from your state forestry associations.

Sell your lumber only when the market is favorable for it.

Companies that Buy Trees For Lumber

Every state maintains a list of the names of timber buyers and professional foresters. So the easiest way to find these companies is through your state registry.

Some region timber buyers you can choose from are:

  • Midwest Hardwood Corporation located in the Midwest
  • Cascade Hardwood in Northwest
  • Sierra Pacific Industries is Located in the West
  • Canal Wood in the South East.

In New York and Pennsylvania, We Have:

Gutchess Lumber

Vermont And New Hampshire:

LLC and Still water forestry.

You can contact any of the above-listed companies if you have got a standing Tree and also yard trees.

Another way is to offer tree removal and buying services.

You can start by listing your trees on peer-to-peer platforms like craigslist to have your trees sold. Although you won’t be making much money with such a process.

Another method of selling off your lumber is to contact farm Agencies from your county, these Agencies always tend to know who is willing to purchase trees, others include Firewood sellers, State Natural Resource departments, etc.


You can make money from selling lumbers of quality trees by contacting the right sources.

All you need do is to make things simpler is to contact your States registry to get names of companies that may likely be willing to purchase lumber from you.

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