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Liquid Pool Shock Vs Bleach

First off, liquid shock is something you do, nor something you buy, but the chemical manufacturers and pool stores won’t tell you this – very misleading, I know.

What you know as “Liquid Shock” is Calcium Hypochlorite (BUY IT HERE). It adds chlorine to your pool like many other products out there, including bleach.

The main difference is the cost and strength. Common bleach (BUY IT HERE) is usually about 6% while shock is 12.5%

Normally, there are no side effects when you use bleach. DO NOT USE Dollar Store bleach. Why? Because a lot of pool owners have reported that the solution has lost most of its strength because the bleach is old or sat around in un-ideal conditions affecting its strength. Amazon (SEE HERE), Target, Aldi bleach, Walmart, among other store brands, have better reputations.

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Here is some info on various chlorine sources:

This might help:

  • 1 1 lb bag of 35% lithium hypo will raise 10000 gallons 4 ppm FC
  • 1 1lb bag of 48% cal hypo (the most common kind) will raise 10000 gal 5.5 ppm FC
  • 1 1lb bag of 68% cal hypo (the most common super shock strength) will raise 10000 gal 7.5 ppm FC
  • 1 1 lb bag of 73% cal hypo (getting very difficult to find) will raise 10000 gal 9 ppm FC
  • 1 gal of 5.25% bleach will raise 10000 gal 5.25 ppm FC
  • 1 gal of 6% bleach or liquid pool chlorine will raise 10000 gal 6 ppm FC
  • 1 gal of 10% liquid pool chlorine will raise 10000 gal 10 ppm FC
  • 1 gal of 12.5% liquid pool chlorine will raise 10000 gal 12.5 ppm FC
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Liquid Shock vs Bleach

Is Liquid Shock and Bleach the same thing?

The “chlorine” in “chlorine bleach” is actually sodium hypochlorite. Swimming pool shock contains 12.5% sodium hypochlorite (bleach) vs. 6-8.5% for Clorox (bleach). Some Clorox products go as high as 8.5%.

What is the Difference between Bleach and Liquid Pool Shock?

At a 12.5% concentrate, liquid pool shock is approximately 2x’s stronger than Clorox bleach. The CDC recommends 5 tablespoons of regular bleach per gallon of water to properly disinfect a surface. When using liquid pool shock, dilute it at a rate of 2.5 to 3 tablespoons per gallon of water.

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Liquid Chlorine vs Bleach

Liquid Chlorine for pool use is typically at 10% or 12.5% and is the same as regular unscented household bleach, except stronger.

Bleach on the other hand sits between 6-8.5% and loses its potency over time, especially when stored at high temperatures. 12.5% will turn into 8% in a matter of weeks even only at 75°, so “stocking up” might not really be that effective.

Can You Use Pool Shock To Clean Surfaces?”

Answer: Yes, you can use pool shock instead of Clorox, but dilute it first.

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