Lidl Compost Bag and Bin Review [OUR EXPERIENCE]

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There have been recent complains of LIDL Compost bag with a lot of people on forums saying the same thing that it smelt of tar and I would recommend staying clear of it.

It is cheap, and by all accounts not very good. However, there are loads of better alternatives out there. Yes, they do cost more but they’re worth more than the price.

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Here’s our top 3 composts to try:

Evergreen Greendays Compost (CHEAPEST) – CHECK ON AMAZON

John Innes Enriched Multi Purpose Compost (BEST VALUE) – CHECK ON AMAZON

Multi Purpose Compost (BEST BUDGET) – CHECK ON AMAZON

But, how about their Compost Bins, is it all better?

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Lidl Compost Bin Review

I liked the look of the Lidl one personally and it had 4 access hatches. It was not sturdy enough and the tiny hooks looksed like they’d break easily.

However, I tried another of their product “Lidl composter” and that was quite large and sturdy. It proved to be a bit larger but hidden behind some bushes. It was a bit hard to put together.

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In the end, I ended up gifting it away and using a competitor brand. Here are some better alternatives you need to try:

EJWOX Garden Compost Bin – CHECK ON AMAZON

VermiHut Plus 5-Tray – CHECK ON AMAZON

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