Kudox Radiators Review – Are they Worth It?

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Kudox radiators are really cheap and have been very good with good uniform heat and simple bleed valves. They are built neat too. My recommendation with getting them would be to buy a new thermo-valve and stop-cock to go with it too.

The only con I have found out is that the rads are wet painted and once your unit begins to get ro age 12 and above, it might need to be replaced since it might begin to rust under the paint (not from the inside out).

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Kudox Radiators Review

The radiators I got from them so far has never given me an issue. The last four I have fitted for customers have no issues too.

There are no bad radiators, if there was and they leaked or the failure rate was high, Kudox wouldn’t sell any. I believe everyone has their preference, some people simply don’t like the change and they prefer to go with brands that they have always tried.

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I can tell you – this brand is worth your money.

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kudox radiators review

Is Stelrad really better than Kudox?

Having tried out the two, here is my verdict:

Kudox heats ok but their enamel coating is poor, a slight scratch will damage it unlike old rads, and I very much doubt they will exceed 12 years. From experience, Stelrad are better as they take less water.

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Sterald radiators are powder coated rather than wet painted which means they have a thicker and more durable paint on them.

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