MY Kreepy Krauly Does Not Stay Flat – SIMPLE FIXES!

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If your Kreepy Krauly does not stay flat then we have some suggested solutions that might work for you.

Kreepy Krauly Does Not Stay Flat

  • Solution 1

If you use any hose weight fitted to the Kreepy hose then you should take it off and see if that changes anything. Does this happen when the unit is operating or when not in use?

  • Solution 2

If it’s been more than 366 days you’ve had the unit for, then it might be time to change the flapper valve. Plus, check your water flow and ensure it is enough.

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These units suffer at the hands of wear on the flapper and food and these can be changed each season.

  • Solution 3

Next thing is to check for air leaks in your hoses, your plumbing system or pump. Additionally, look closely to see if there are any clogs in your pump impeller. If there are any issues with your basket then Good Luck fixing it.

Kreepy Krauly Does Not Stay Flat

  • Solution 4

Look at the flapper and see if there are debris there. If so, take it away. Dirt in there could lead to lack of seal. If there’s something lodged in the flapper of these pool cleaner, then this issue could occur. As long as it is still cleaning, you should have no issues.

  • Solution 5

If your unit has never worked properly since the first day you got it then it could be that your filter and pump system are too small for this particular automatic pool cleaner. If you don’t agree with this then there are some things you can do to check.

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Make sure there aren’t any traces of debris in your flapper. It could be resulting into a loss of suction, making the pool cleaner rise off the floor of the pool. Plus, check your water flow coming from your return line. It could also be too high. You can simply adjust it with an eyeball diverter if necessary.

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  • Solution 6

There’s an adapter that plugs into the skimmer that the hose attaches to that features a spring loaded lever on it that I had to adjust to get just the right amount of flow through the diaphragm otherwise it won’t move or it does what you are experiencing and drags along at all angles. It’s purely trial and error on getting that thing adjusted properly but once it’s set it doesn’t require any other adjustment.

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