5 Kohler Elmbrook Toilet Reviews- Our Experiences Shared!

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Hi and welcome to this Elmbrook Toilet Reviews made by I and my other friends – Jane, Matt, Helen, and Paul.

Kohler Elmbrook Toilet Reviews

5 of us went to the store to get the Kohler Elmbrook, tried it for 6 months, and decided to share our experiences. Hopefully, it can help you out.

  • Jane

This toilet is nice. I love the wide base and its modern look is a great fit to my recently updated bathroom.

The toilet color also matches my new tile floor. This Elmbrook model features a large rectangular base that goes nicely with my bathroom’s overall color.

The large base o this toilet almost touches the baseboard behind it, but it just fits nicely.

The specs claim the rough-in distance is 12,” but I have it on a 10.5″ rough-in and the tank is only an inch from the wall. A 12″ rough-in would really pull it away from the wall – awkwardly, I think.

After multiple usage, this toilet still flushes well and the tank fills quietly – much quieter than the toilet it replaced. The only real negative is the low-quality seat that is included. It’s cheap plastic, it doesn’t have a slow close feature and it just feels flimsy. Compared to the rest of the toilet, it’s poor. I’ll be replacing it shortly with a better seat.

Overall, I’d say I’m more than satisfied with its quality and service. I’m definitely rating this 4.5/5!


Kohler Elmbrook Toilet Reviews

  • Matt

Okay, this product is excellent, I’ve got to admit. Best part? It is still competitively priced while delivering more value than competing products.

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Tis product does an excellent job. My family and I like the perfect aesthetics. It fits any setting it is placed.

I ordered 5; fixed 2 in our home and 3 in our office. My staff even love it! It speaks class!

I have used some higher end Kohler toilets, and this Elmbrook has the same flushing system as those.

This toilet does not feature the traditional flapper system, but a cylindrical syste, where it opens all at once, creating a “whoosh”. If you haven’t read up on toilet ratings, which is the “MaP” rating, I suggest you do before purchasing any toilet. This toilet falls into the highest rating possible, which is 1000. It also has a glazed trap way being 2-1/8″. +


  • Beautiful aesthetics
  • Boasts of a MaP rating of 1000
  • Class 5 flushing system
  • 2-1/8″ Fully glazed trap way.
  • Includes toilet seat.
  • Includes wax ring. + Competitively priced, but I feel is a better value.
  • Comfort height.
  • Easy to follow instructions.

The Not So Good:

None, in my experience.

However, I do wish this toilet came with the option of a slow-close seat.

All in all, this is a really fine product and is highly recommended.


Kohler Elmbrook Toilet Review

  • Helen

I upgraded my toilet to the new Kohler Elmbrook Elongated Toilet with Comfort Height 6 months ago and I can say without a doubt that this toilet is super comfortable and features a very strong flush.

The best part is its appearance – very stylish and it performs its job flawlessly.

It’s been 7 months now, and I am very impressed with the performance and elegance it provides to my bathroom.

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The Elmbrrok Elongated Toilet is a 2-piece design with a depth of 29 inches and a comfortable 16.5 inch bowl height.

It’s also really heavy, and so having two people mount the lower bowl on the drain flange is recommended. In my case, my husband and son helped out.

The heart of the toilet is the 3-inch Aqua-Piston flush canister system. When actuated, 1.28 gallons of water rushes into the bowl for a short duration of time and creates a very high-quality flush. I have never seen a gravity flush toilet more efficient than the Kohler Elmbrook.

It is very stylish and performs as well as it looks. Highly recommended!!

Best Kohler Elmbrook Toilet

  • Paul

A beautiful and stylish toilet with a very traditional shape.

It boasts of a very powerful flush and I have no complaints about its #1 job.

The seat cover it comes with is very low profile and looks nice but it does not close slowly, haha. So, I had to replace it with another seat that does.

My only issue with this unit is the dry lock connection between the tank and the bowl. There is a gasket that goes around the connection and you should tighten 2 screws to secure the tank.

In my case, the screws were unable to go through the tank, since they’re a bit different. No matter how much I tightened the nuts on these 2 screws, there would be a leak from the gasket.

So, instead, I ordered another one online ($5) and it fits fine. I ended up

Overall, a good toilet that looks nice and performs well. Its flush is 10x better than the 10yr old toilet it replaced. Happy overall.

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  • Me

This toilet comes with everything you will need to install it except the tool but that was not a problem for someone like me, haha.

All it took was a screwdriver and a small hacksaw to cut off the base bolts to apply the bolt covers. From start to finish, it only took me 30 minutes to take out my old toilet and install this new one.

Remember to have some paper towels near you so you can put the old wax ring on and clean up the flange with your putty knife and wipe it off on the towels as well.

A small grocery plastic bag was quite helpful and useful in disposing of it.

The box in my unit came in with complete instructions and the best part was that the seat is the quick release set that you simply just pull off and clean the bowl edge without having to remove the bolts that hold the seat in place.

Kohler just keeps getting better and better at stuff like this. The elongated bowl and the chair-height seating really make it comfortable and easy to get on and off for persons of age like me 🙂 It also has a great bowl washing flush for a nice clean bowl. something you do not see in all low-volume flush toilets. The styling is classic as well.

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