Kleen Pool Algaecide Review [PERSONAL EXPERIENCE]

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Kleen Pool algaecide is amazing. We have tried lots of different products to get rid of our algae and nothing has worked more than a few days. Since using Kleen Pool, we have never again battled with a recurrence of algae and our pool is sparkling clear.

You should get this product too if you haven’t.

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Kleen Pool Algaecide Review

Living in Florida and dealing with algae issues can be really frustrating. One day, it is gone and the next day, its back. However, Kleen Pool has been so awesome. It is the best algaecide for the money.

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I use this product every 6 months and its been great. I keep an eye on my chlorine and PH level too. Once ph is balanced it stays that way and chlorine is just my regular tabs in the floaters.

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kleen pool algaecide review

Now, no more emptying my pool to take out the algaes.

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To use Kleen Pool, simply read the instructions on the label and put in the recommended amount and a day later, your pool should be crystal clear again. Everyone should know about this best kept secret. Thank you Kleen Pool !!!!! Now I really enjoy my pool !

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