Kinetico K5 Review – MY EXPERIENCE & Where to Buy, If Interested!

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The Kinetico brand works well and have built up a loyal customer base over the years.

On the subject of the Kinetico K5 reverse osmosis machine, it boasts of features that sets it apart from competing ROs. Instead of using a bladder tank for water storage that is charged with air, it uses a tank that is WOW or Water on Water proprietary technology which is water charged tank.

Made in the USA, this RO uses high quality components under your sink so you assured of the highest quality service life.


Here’s why I love this system:

  • At first glance, it may loo basic with post-membrane-pre filters. However, there are two extra slots on the membrane machine itself to add additional filters.

These extras adds minerals back into the water or eradicated arsenic from well sources.

  • Unlike plenty of competing RO systems on the market, these ones are compatible and allows you to mount it on your garage. Saving you space!
  • They may appear over-pieced but I know the system you’re getting is the best quality water you can get.
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Is The Kinetico K5 Reverse Osmosis Worth It?

Is the Kinetico K5 worth $2k? If quality, performance and maximum comfort with pure water is what you need, then go for it.

The Kinetico K5 drinking water station takes water with dissolved solids in it and filters out up to 98% of them just like other RO’s that are almost 1/10 of the price.

The filters typically cost more than $100 where others are $50. The K5 performs the same but offers more than several other RO’s out there, but is costly to repair.

The Kinetico K5 RO can cost you as much as $3000.00 in some areas, (source) whereas a similar functioning RO can be as little as $300.00 to $500.00. Like these highly rated and reasonably priced systems.

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iSpring Water Systems RCC7AK 6-Stage reverse osmosis system for just over $200 ON AMAZON, or the iSpring RCC1UP-AK 7 Stage reverse osmosis drinking water system with UV Sterilizer for under $400.

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kinetico k5 review

Kinetico K5 Review

Why is the Kinetico K5 Reverse Osmosis So Expensive? Kinetico is known for making units for people that are truly serious about high-quality drinking water station.

The bacteria/virus filter, which is good certified 2000 gallons, is quite special in the industry. New fridges have made it hard to apply RO water and the K5 has addressed that with very high flow rate and an extra booster tank if extended line distance or multiple dispensors are needed.

From experience, the WATTS RO has shown some awesome and convenient features that puts it above the typical units available for residential use. T

he K5, however stands alone in warranty, quality, and performance, again, is targeted for serious use and users.

Watts Premier vs Kinetico K5

The Watts WP5-50 system is at an attractive price and has terrific customer feedback. However, the Kinetico K5 is pure gold compared to it.

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Well, I’ll cut to the chase here… So, VOC filtration’s certified, and the K5 as many of you know has a self-flushing, self-maintaining membrane that consistently alleviates harmful pressure which could stretch out/expand the pore size. And of course, the WOW (water-on-water) delivery system ensures you’re getting consistent water flow dependent on your household water pressure. All lines are 3/8″ so you know you’re gonna get a good flow.

Plus, the K5 can be customized for different filter configurations to address any future concerns about water contaminants.

Why does the K5 Reverse Osmosis Shut Down After 500 Gallons?

Kinetico K5 Reverse Osmosis system shuts down filtered water production to make sure the filters are not used longer than they are supposed to be.

What are the Kinetico K5 filter options?

Its filter options include:

  • Standard,
  • Guard,
  • Enhance,
  • Arsenic, and BioPure.

Where to buy Kinetico K5 Replacement Filters?

You can buy Kinectico K5 replacement filters on Amazon HERE

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