Kinder Gas Fire Problems & HOW TO FIX!

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Lately, more and more customers are complaining of series of Kinder gas fire problems in forums and we’ve highlighted some of the popular questions and ways to solve them.

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Kinder Gas Fire Problems & SOLUTIONS

  • I Have a kinder gas fire and the pilot light goes out, What Can I do?

You MUST NEVER take any gas fittings apart unless you are CORGI registered. If you cannot get an engineer out, I recommend waiting until you can. Playing with these things can be deadly; people die daily because of non-registered peoples work.

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Now, with that out of the way, the likely cause of this is either the thermocouple or the thermoelectric gas valve which is not working and it has nothing to do with the pilot itself.

If you can’t get a local CORGI engineer out (I hate to say it), call British Gas.

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  • How Can I Service A Gas Fire Myself?

Never do this yourself (unless you are an engineer). Instead, get a qualified gas engineer to do the job.

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Kinder Gas Fire Problems

  • Kinder kalahari Gas Fire Cuts out After a Couple of Minutes

Your circuit board is most likely gone and will need a replacement. Contact Kinder support for more details.

This issue is most likely common on gas fires that are rarely used; say like 10 times a year.

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