Jandy vs. Pentair vs Hayward – Water, Pool & Irrigation Equipment

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Jandy stuff is ok. Pentair stuff seems to be of higher quality and has better business practices.

Pentair and Jandy are the Pepsi and Coca-Cola brands of water treatment equipment. From valves, pumps, heaters, filters, lights, and water sanitizers, Jandy has made a name for itself in the spa and pool industry.

Likewise, PENTAIR too without a doubt has carved a niche market for itself in the market of water filters, display pumps, housing for filters, and several other products.

These two brands are world leaders in the production of pool and spa equipment for personal, commercial, residential, industrial, and infrastructural use.

So, pool owners like yourself who are in need of installation, repairs, or replacements of their tools are often at crossroads and a comparison of Pentair vs Jandy.

In my opinion, Jandy features more propriety stuff, like the proprietary gauge on its filters, that lock you into paying more prices for more. Plus, Jandy has a stricter no-warranty on any equipment of theirs bought on the internet than Pentair.

I have seen more and more pool companies advertise and sell Jandy because it locks their customers more into servicing and buying from “pool professionals’.

Another thing to consider is – Filters. These are a commodity and this is why I like the Pentair Intellicenter better than the Jandy RS8. And I have a 20-year-old RS8 with a Pentair pump, IC40 SWG, and Pentair DE filter. I will eventually replace my RS8 with an Intellicenter. I think the Intelliflo VS pump is superior to the Jandy pumps and the Intellichlor SWG is better than the Jandy SWG.

There is actually no regional difference between these two brands. Both are available throughout the United States.




Jandy vs. Pentair vs Hayward

My votes are for either Pentair or Jandy equipment. Hayward is better for people who want to try fixing things on their own.

Owning all Pentair or Jandy equipment installed lets you enjoy a full 3-year warranty thru both companies. When it comes to who is easier to get things warranted by Jandy by far is easier over Pentair..No to know you asked about Jandy and Hayward but I thought I would throw in my 2 cents about Pentair just in case..

If it was my pool it would be Jandy equipment…

I like Pentair pumps, Hayward automation systems, and Jandy valves. Unfortunately, there are large advantages (ie longer warranty) if you buy everything all one brand.

While Pentair is an excellent brand, Jandy should be considered the top of the line. A deep look into the technology behind the heaters, etc, will reveal that Jandy is in a field of its own. Yes, they cost more but are worth it, in my opinion.

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The LXi is a beautiful unit that in my opinion offers way more in serviceability than the Master Temp or Max E Therm (PENTAIR) I see nothing of value in anything StaRite.

Pumps should go to Pentair as they are very reliable and they own the IntelliFlo.

In terms of automation, the Pentair IntelliTouch is awesome but a bit overwhelming to most newbies. The Jandy stuff is excellent and very user-friendly.

Salt is a pretty even thing also. The Jandy Aqua Pure is a nice product that is very friendly on installation and the Pentair IntelliChlor is also a good unit.

If you want something easy, simple yet User friendly, I recommend going for Hayward. It’s so simple, you can work on it yourself.

If you don’t mind paying for service calls, go for Jandy. For customers with a spool spa combo, I have some advice for you – avoid the Jandy as the spa side is what tends to fail. It has an easy touch for pool guys, but not so much for homeowners.

So, if you go Pentair, don’t say no one warned you.

Yes, I realize a majority of the country loves Pentair and will certainly respond negatively to this post. I have owned and have been working on both for 17 years. There is no way around the fact that I can show you how to operate, program, and replace all components of a Hayward power center with ease.

The others would require much more time to learn or do yourself if you aren’t technically inclined. Parts are cheaper too.

My deciding factor would be technical support AND field service. Jandy is the absolute best, at least in our area of so cal.

Jandy vs Pentair Valves

The Pentair valves are low quality, Chinese-made junk, while the Jandy 3-way is the best (and US-made). For Chinese knock-offs, the Hayward’s come the closest to the Jandy.

Jandy vs Pentair Pool Lights

Having completed more than 1,000 of the Pentairs lights installation all across America in the last 10 years, I can say that they are extremely reliable. Pentair offers great service too.

Yes. I control mine with iaqualink and it works great!

I highly recommend that you go with Pentair’s IntelliBrite lights since the IntelliBrite 5g Color LED pool lights now only consume 26W max while their Spa lights consume 18W max. The effect these things produce in pools is lovely and cool!

This is typically in white mode when the red, green, and blue LEDs are all ON trying to simulate white. The bottom half of the coping is bright while the top half is dark. Pentair really spends a lot of attention on where the light is directed. It makes a big difference.

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Jandy vs Pentair Heater – Pentair MasterTemp 400 vs Jandy JXI Natural Gas Heater

They’re both good heaters. The JXi is a copy of the mastertemp. I slightly favor the JXi because I like Jandy electronics a bit more and the versaflo is awesome. Selfishly, the JXi is also easier to work on with how the access panels and such are set up.

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Also, the mastertemp only has a 2-year warranty through Pentair and the JXi only has a 1-year full warranty, the 5 years is ONLY for the exchanger and ONLY if it has a FACTORY INSTALLED versaflo (the model will have a K in it to signify this, JXI400NK vs JXI400N). Any other sort of warranty is going to be through the dealer, and make sure you get HARD documentation on this because the manufacturer’s policies are as I listed. You’ll want paperwork to staple to the installer’s forehead to make them eat the repair if something happens outside of what I’ve listed.

Also, both warranties require professional installation by a pool company, otherwise, you only get 60 days from either company if you self-install.

Is Pentair Clean & Clear Plus or Jandy CV Cartridge Filter Best?

A quick reminder: The three pool filter types include but are not limited to:

  • Cartridge filters

The Cartridge filter uses a pleated polyester filter to catch dirt and debris that’s 10–20 microns and bigger.

  • Sand filters

The sand in the tank catches debris and dirt that’s 20 microns and bigger.

  • Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.) filters

A set of grids/fingers is coated with crushed seashells and fossilized diatoms, and they catch dirt and debris that’s 5 microns and bigger.

Jandy vs. Pentair vs Hayward

Are Jandy or Pentair Pool Filters Better?

In this 3-part series, we’re comparing 3 pairs of Pentair and Jandy pool filters.

D.E. filters: Pentair’s FNS Plus vs. Jandy’s DEV D.E. filter

Cartridge filters: Pentair’s Clean & Clear Plus vs. Jandy’s CV cartridge filter

Sand filters: Pentair’s Sand Dollar vs. Jandy’s JS Side Mount Sand Filter

Side note: Zodiac owns Jandy now. In other words, Jandy is the original manufacturer, and Zodiac is their parent company.

  • Pentair Clean & Clear Plus Cartridge Filter

The Pentair Clean & Clear Plus cartridge filter is ideal for pools containing 43,200 to 108,000 gallons of water (depending on the model).

Filtration area options [surface area of the filter media]: 240, 320, 420, and 520 sq. ft.

Plumbing size: 2″

Height:  37″, 43″, 49″, and 56″ tall

Diameter: 21.5″

Weight: 60, 70, 80, and 90 lb.

Cost: $591 (240 sq. ft.) to $943 (520 sq. ft.)

Recommended flow rate: 90, 120, 150, 150 gpm

Maximum working pressure: 50 psi

Drain size: 1½”

Warranty: For filters, it’s a year. While for products free from defects in material and/or workmanship, its 60 days.

Filter: has 4 cartridges

Debris: It catches and traps debris and dirt as small as 20 microns.

It boasts of coreless cartridges, so when you pull them out to clean, you can get right to the center. Easy as ABC!

It’s a single-piece base and body design.

Its inlet and outlet ports are on top of each other, not on opposite sides of the filter.

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It has a clamp ring for quick access to cartridges.

It has a high-flow manual air relief valve.

  • Jandy CV Cartridge Filter

The Jandy CV cartridge filter is perfect for pools that contain 45,720 to 72,000 gallons of water (depending on the model).

Note: Amazon lists this filter as the Zodiac CV Series Versa Plumb Cartridge Filter. Same difference.

Filtration options [surface area of the filter media—in this case, the pleated polyester fabric in the cartridge, which does the actual filtering] : is available in 340, 460, and 580 sq. ft.

Maximum flow: includes 127, 150, and 150 gpm

Height: 41″, 41″, and 45″ tall

Weight: 106, 106, and 112 lb.

Drain size: 2″

Maximum working pressure: 50 psi

Plumbing size: 2″ x 2½”

Diameter: 25″

Cost: $811 (340 sq. ft.) to $1,211 (580 sq. ft.)

Warranty: Jandy warrants that the CV cartridge filter will be free of manufacturing and workmanship defects for a year.

Extra Notes

It was a hurdle finding the manufacturing warranty specifically for the CV filter series.

Jandy is now owned by Zodiac, but Zodiac’s new limited warranty doesn’t mention filters at all, much less specify the CV series.

The teeny-tiny print generalizes “all Zodiac® brand products (including those branded as…Jandy®)”—but the accompanying list of equipment and models or brands left me questioning whether this warranty actually included the CV filter after all.

After what felt link a limbo of searching, researching and link-clicking, I found the particular warranty at the end of the operation or installation manual.

This doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad product, but companies look better (read: more trustworthy) when their warranty is clear and easy to find.

The filter requires 4 cartridges.

I never found any details about the particular number of debris and dirt microns Jandy product catches. Not a good thing for me.

It has a heavy-duty, anti-corrosion tank clamp and easy-grip handles.

Its inlet and outlet ports are at the same height/level on opposite sides for hydraulic efficiency.

The CV cartridge filter comes with a customizable clean/dirty indicator, which would help you know when it’s time to clean the cartridge

Average online rating: 4 out of 5

Summary: Pentair vs. Jandy Cartridge Filters




Pentair & Jandy Both Jandy and Pentair filters need 4 cartridges, a 365 days warranty, and a max of 50 psi.


Pentair Clean & Clear Plus sizes are slimmer and lighter but almost always taller than Jandy CV equivalents.
There are more size options to choose from in Pentair and its costs less for similar sizes and is open about its 20-micron minimum.

I like the fact that it has a clear warranty and receives higher reviews from customers.

Jandy’s drain is a half-inch bigger, and its inlet and outlet ports are at the same height/level (hydraulic efficiency).

The filter’s micron-catching abilities are apparently a secret.


Overall, I completely agree with waste, brand should not be a deciding factor. The builder’s reputation and references are the most important thing, followed closely by price. The equipment brand is a distant tenth, or lower, in importance.

Author: Howard S. Baldwin

My name is Howard S. Baldwin. I am a work-at-home dad to three lovely girls, Jane + Hannah + Beauty. I have been blogging for the last 3 years. I worked for other Home and Lifetsyle blogs, did hundreds of product reviews and buyers’ guides. Prior to that, I was a staff accountant at a big accounting firm. Needless to say, researching and numbers are my passion. My goal is to be an informative source for any topic that relates to DIY life and homemaking.

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