Jandy Vs Pentair Pool Equipments – A User’s Experience

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Having own products from these two brands, I can tell you that there each company has strong suits and worse products in different areas.

Jandy focus is more on propriety stuff, like the proprietary pressure gauge on its filters, that lock into paying their prices. Jandy has stricter no-warranty on equipment bough on the internet than Pentair. Pool companies love selling Jandy equipment because it locks their customers more into servicing and buying from “pool professionals”.

Filters are great. I prefer Pentair Intellicenter better than  the Jandy RS8.I think the Intelliflo VS pump is superior than the Jandy pumps and the Intellichlor SWG is better then the Jandy SWG.

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No regional difference. Both are available throughout the US.

Jandy stuff is ok. Pentair stuff seems to be of higher quality and has better business practices.

Jandy Vs Pentair Pool Equipment

I own the following Jandy equipment:

  • Jandy Stealth pumps – two 2 speeds and two 1 speeds
  • Jandy 3-way valves with Jandy valve actuators
  • Jandy Levelor Water Level Control System
  • Jandy PDA P8 remote control computer system
  • Jandy Aquapure 1400 SWG
  • Jandy cartridge filter

I have no issues with any of the equipment listed above since we owned our first pool two years ago. Not a single problem has been recorded so far and I’m proud to say that.

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One of the Pentair downside I have witnessed is their equipment control systems. Their automation systems feature logic so hard that it only becomes easy if you install them for a living. On the other hand, the Jandy control system was easy to install. Even my 10-year-old cousin could program it to do different things.

I started installing the compool lx10/cp2000 systems which were relatively simple to operate, but somewhat difficult to program.

I did a few cp3000 systems which were flawed and very buggy.

I then installed a 36** and the 38** systems which were both easy to operate, and program.

The Jandy one touch system was my system of choice for about 3 months (6 systems) I never had so many complaints about how hard they were to operate. Navigating through menus to change temperature, and turn on single devices. The macros (one touch) received ok results but my clients didnt seem to care.

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Jandy Vs Pentair Pool Equipment

The intellitouch so far has thousands of reviews with very few to no, complaints. They may be a little bit more difficult to set up initially (BARELY), but general operation is much easier. (hard buttons for each aux/macro instead of menu’s

I find as an installer, that I can program them much faster due to all of the extra buttons.

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