How to use Ivermectin Paste for Squirrels Mange Treatment

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Ivermectin paste for squirrels is recommended in the treatment of mange in squirrels both for captive and wild ones.

The recommended dose is the size of an uncooked rice grain, no more (but if much less- won’t work). So, you should really exercise care here.

Get a few rice grains, pick the average (not the smallest nor the smallest) and match the dose.


How do I Make my Squirrel Take it?

Easy! You should lodge the dose in the nut grooves – walnuts and pecans work amazing well.

You should carve a groove especially on a walnut though. I observed many times that squirrels tend to not eat the “peel”.

The peel is that brownish skin on the kernel on fruits like almonds and even hazelnuts. They use their cute teeth to “peel” it off and feed on the kernel instead.

So, I advise removing that “peel/skin”, carve it a bit and put the dose.

What’s the recommended dosage of Ivermectin?

The recommended dosage is 3 treatment spaced 7-10 days apart. Do not go longer than that, if you do, it may not be effective as the med affects the cycles of the parasites and timing is crucial.

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Never do 6 days – it may be too early and have disastrous consequences.

If after treatment, there is no visible treatment – take a 14-day break and repeat the course.

Note: Never give oral ivermectin to neuro squirrels as it will worsen their neuro problems greatly.

Neuro issues include but are not limited to head tilts, wobbliness, tremors, any degree of unsteadiness, and so on.

Observe the affected squirrel closely. At times slight tremors may not be so evident right away especially if you are not used to noticing them.

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Can I Overdose Squirrels?

Ivermectin is extremely potent and so simple to overdose. When overdosed it is harmful and can be life-threatening if not gotten out of the system of the squirrel. So be very careful.

If you could somehow get a teaspoon of peroxide in him it will make him vomit up what’s left in his stomach. If he hasn’t thrown up in 5 minutes, just repeat it. 2 or 3. No more than that.

When done correctly, it works – I’ve done it myself. Just be careful.

I hear Moxidectin is even better because it remains in their skin for one month. One dose is enough to cure mange in squirrels.

If you have more than one squirrel to treat with ivermectin – when you toss medicated nuts, make sure the same squirrel doesn’t get a medicated nut twice during the same treatment – will be fatal.

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Can I use Ivermectin Paste for Squirrels to treat Mange?

Why not? There is a liquid version of Ivermectin that you administer orally using a syringe.

It is important to carefully read and observe the instruction because the dosage is determined by the individual squirrel’s weight.

You simply give 3 doses over 3 weels. 1 dose every 7 days. I advise speaking to a vet or rescue professional if you are unclear on what to do.


What is A Safer Alternative to Ivermectin?

Personally, I have had more success treating mange in squirrels with about 35% to 45% overall fur loss going into winter with Selamectin, dose adjusted from housepet.

I used the tiniest drop on a walnut half, and within a week, the affected squirrel was recovering, and he survived. He was waist-up bald.

Selamectin (Revolution) is an excellent choice for treatment of mange. It is much less dangerous with lesser risk of overdosing versus ivermectin, but costs more and harder to obtain (requires vet Rx).

Ivermectin is popularly used because it is more available and can be bought off-the-counter and is cheaper.

if the option of selamectin is available, I would always go that route!

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Ivermectin Paste for Squirrels

How to Help A Wild Squirrel with Mange

You can use Ivermectin in the treatment of mange in wild squirrel.

You only need rice-grain sized ivermectin paste, placed on a pecan or walnut nut meat, and fed once a week for 3 weeks.

Does Squirrel Mange Go Away?

Squirrels that are infected with mange generally recover well, although those with extreme fur loss may not survive the cold winter.

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Notoedric mange can be transmitted from squirrel to squirrel, but other animals and people are not at risk. Skin fungal infections are responsible for most of the fur loss we see in squirrels.

What Causes Mange In Squirrels?

Wild squirrel Mange is typically caused by mite; an external parasite that leads to hair loss (alopecia) and itchy skin conditions.

The squirrel is usually in good health, although its outward appearance would tell you different.

Ivermectin Overdose in Squirrels

It is possible to overdose Ivermectin in squirrels but not to worry. There is a cure for that.

Ivermectin causes paralysis at overdose levels so the squirrel will lose control of his motor skills.

To help him, get a teaspoon of peroxide in him. It will cause him to vomit what’s left in its stomach. If he hasn’t thrown up in 5 minutes, simply repeat it, 2/3 times. No more than that.

Yes, even if it is paralyzed, it won’t kill him right away if at all. Keep it warm and safe and alibve until the Ivermectin wears off and it regains mobility.

You might have to give him subcutaneous fluids using a syringe so he doesn’t dehydrate, but he can definitely survive in a box in the house.

Where to get Ivermectin for Squirrels?

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