Is Your Wife Dancing with Others – Here’s What to do!

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Is your wife dancing with others while in a relationship or while married? If you don’t like it, discuss it with her (If you have not discussed this with your wife you should. Decide what you are both comfortable with), take dance classes and get on the dance floor with her. Easy, yeah?

Is Your Wife Dancing with Others – Here’s What to do

Here is a more comprehensive response:

It depends on what you both agree on and how well you both respect boundaries.

Personally, my wife can dance but I’m usually in the same room. When she begins to dance, I like to scan the room and see how many guys are watching her. I don’t feel bothered that they watch. Who could blame them?

Most of the time, we’re both together on the dance floor but there have been some rare occasions where I’d tire out and go sit while she remains on the dancefloor and I keep a watchful eye over her.

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I remember this one time when a guy began dancing with her and getting a little too close. She turned to him and said something, pointing at me. He looked over and I shook my head signalling “No”.

He respected that, and went on his way, looking for some other girl to dance with.

The truth is – if he had kept a respectable distance and didn’t try to put his hands on her, or grind her, I wouldn’t have had any problem with him dancing with my wife. As I observed, he got right up on her. I dislike guys that begin grinding on women they don’t even know. It’s stupid, rude and creepy.

Since he was obviously one of those guys, I basically indicated to him I didn’t want him dancing with her.

Is Your Wife Dancing with Others

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Should I be mad?

Now as to whether or not you should be mad or feel disgusted, that depends on a number of factors such as:

Do you trust your wife?

Do you get jealous easily?

Is SHE being overly flirty?

I can tell you for a fact that if a guy begins grinding on my wife, and she starts responding positively, I’d get mad. I’d expect the same reaction from her if I did that with other women. We both have an understanding of where our boundaries are and if we cross those boundaries, we know we will hurt others’ feelings.

Is it possible for her to dance with other Men without it being Inappropriate?

Yes. It is perfectly possible for a man and woman to dance together without it being inappropriate.

I have done that plenty of time. Most people just like to have fun and for some people, dancing with other people is more fun than dancing by yourself.

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I see, Does Boundaries really Matter?

Yes, of course. You need to understand where your boundaries are in this situation. Make sure you both have a discussion about it and are both on the same page in agreement.

I have friends who don’t mind if their wife grinds another guy on the dance floor. I just do not belong to that group of guys, haha and my wife knows it.

I do understand that some guys are more emotional than others and if you’re one of such guys then make that clear, and verify that she is okay with that. Some people may find that obsessive or too controlling.

My advice to you is, if your wife is dancing with another guy and nothing inappropriate is going on, don’t sweat it.

Even better, get your ass on that dance floor and tear it up with her!

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