Is Your Drayton trv4 Head Broken? HOW TO FIX!

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Is your drayton trv4 head broken? I had the same happen on a myson and Drayton TRV4 radiator, Just unscrew top and replace with a new one. No need to drain system.

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How to Replace Drayton trv4 Head

  • Simply unscrew the remaining piece and screw on a new head. You can alternatively get a replacement head on its own too.

I did the exact thing with my Drayton trv 4 and was able to order from Amazon. The fact that it is on there means these parts are quite common.

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Drayton trv4 Head Broken

How to Re-assemble a Drayton TRV4 Radiator Valve

I faced the same problem in the past, here’s how to fix:

  • Screw the black inside bit so that it is as high as it can be, i.e. in the “Hot” position.
  • Insert the black part of the peg into the main part of the unit – there are edges cut off the circle to help guide it in.
  • take the top and align it to the “Hot” position and then squeeze the two parts together between your palms.
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Hope this helps some people.

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