Is Sitka Gear Worth the Money? vs First Lite vs KUIU Gear

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From experience, it is worth it. I have bought and still own a few pieces (Stratus, Equinox, etc.) and have never been dissatisfied.

Yeah, it is an expensive clothing but there are cheaper options sold online, and I love this stuff.

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Sitka Gear Review – My Experience

This is hands down the best hunting gear I ever own. I must warn you, once you try Stika, you never want to stop!

I’ve been using this product for years now and it’s been a great experience whenever I go deer hunting in it. Yes, it might be expensive to some but it’s definitely worth it, the camp pattern on the sitka gear is so much more advanced that the one on KUIU.

Plus, the Sitka have proven to be more durable, comfortable, and warmer.

That is thanks to the layering system. Sometimes, I use Under Armor as my preferred layer and then use Sitka on top of that and the results are even better.

The outerlayer gortex stuff is excellent in both snow and rain and most of the layers are really tight so if you have to begin shedding clothes during a hunt, they won’t weight down your pack too much.

When used and layered correctly, this changes your hunting game. Last season while hunting in Kansas Sitka allowed me to have all day sits while enduring temps in the 20’s with strong winds 20-30mph. My previous setup would have had me going to the truck after 4 hours to get warm. I’m sold for life now on Sitka Gear.

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Without a doubt. For several reasons:

  • Concealment

Personally, it has proven to be the best camo for my surroundings in Indiana. Especially in November when the leaves have fallen.

It blends with my hunting surroundings better than most camouflage but many may disagree and think I’ve lost my mind, haha.

  • Quality materials

I compared it to UnderArmour – one I was using before and I can assure you that Sitka is a quality product.

UnderArmour isn’t even close in terms of quality. The Sitka wins as they even produce season specific gear that actually works no matter the weather.

  • Thoughtful design

The design is clearly thought-out. No shortcuts in this design and all that you need are where you need. They put pockets where you need them.

They build in hand warming material pouches for your hands. They consider where you would place specific gear and make pockets primarily for that gear.

  • Materials that conceal Sweat

It doesn’t matter if your sweat little or too much as the materials used to make this product is breathable and conceal odor well.

For warm weather, pick the Sitka warm weather options.

I could go on as could others… but I would leave you to decide things at this point. I’m glad that I did, I feel like it was money well spent.

So, to answer your question, to me they are worth the money.

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Is Sitka Gear Worth the Money?

Yes, it is, if you spend or want to spend plenty of time in the woods. The selection and quality are unbeatable too.

My friend who is a tree stand whitetail hunter in the colder region of United States swears this works. He has almost every line of the product.

The pieces that I have discovered to be the most valuable are the stratus jacket/pant and the fanatic jacket/hoody/vest/bibs/gloves.

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The stratus line typically works for all season, barring any extreme lows or highs in temps.

The Fanatic set will pay for itself in one below 30 hunts.

Is Sitka Gear Worth the Money

Is Sitka Waterfowl Gear Worth The Money?

Except for neck gaiter/hat and jacket, I don’t think there is any need to pay for pants while waterfowl hunting.

If you love to walk and hunt with less bulk and your wallet is full, sure go for it.


Since I’ve made the switch to Sitka it has been a game changer for me no doubt. Being able to stay out when the temperatures get cold on all day sits has been instrumental in my success.

The Stratus and Fanatic lines are the best lineups that a whitetail hunter should take a look at.

My favorite combo is Stratus jacket and pants coupled with a Fanatic vest for when it gets below 30 degrees. Much more below that and I throw on the Fanatic bibs.

It doesn’t make you a better hunter however.

Is Sitka Gear Really Worth the Money?

Yes, it is worth it. My Sitka jacket has proven to be worth it. I have been using it a lot to hunt and it still looks brand new.

I would not hesitate to purchase more Sitka gear. Sitka is part of Gore associates, and they happened to invent Gore Tex and Gore Windstopper. Two of the most important outerwear fabrics on the market today

Sitka has taken ideas from lightweight backpacking and mountaineering products and made them camo.

What’s the Difference in Sitka base layers vs. UnderArmor base layers?

UnderArmour is based on tight compression clothing (UA) while Sitka allows for better layering.

I have tried UA Cold Gear and I must say, I wasn’t impressed.

I have never worn women’s nylon stockings, but some of my hunting buddies swear that is what UA feels like. Personally, I feel like I’m wearing the same britches I had in high school.

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It sure stinks like crap once worn for long in 24 hours. I itch like hell when I wear it.

Are Sitka, KUIU and FL worth the Money?

I would say yes, they have for me. I always love to hunt in a variety of conditions and temps as it pumps my adrenaline higher – the tougher the hunt, the better for me.

You enjoy better designed pockets, length, goods, length or swing of the arms.

KUIU feature simple cuts/lines, some are sweet, some aren’t necessary. The Camo patterns aren’t the same as in Sitka too.

First Lite vs Sitka vs KUIU Gear

I’m reviewing thse 3 brands based on comfort, fit, unqiue featyres, and price.

Kuiu merino base layers itch me whenever I have them on. Sitka and First Lite don’t put me through this experience.

First Lite and Sitka pants fabric may look too thin. So, you might like the thicker fabric of the Kuiu attack pants, but I’d still pick Sitka over them, especially the older thinner version.

First Lite raingear (storm tight) didn’t do shit where I play in the PNW/. Sitka and Kuiu performed excellent. I wear Kuiu Chugach when my Sitka isn’t near.

First Lite boxers don’t feel any different than a typical boxer to me. In fact, I’d say they creep. I wear champion boxers or the long fruit of the loom.

I like the Sitka 1/4 zip tops and the First Lite 1/4 zip llano and their newer 200 weight base top Costco merino wool socks and some of their Meriono blend base layer tops.

More often than not I’ll have 3 or more brands of clothing on when I head out on a hunt.

At times, I wear a Cabela’s fleece top as my soft shell.

I take into account where you live and how you hunt. If you say Utah, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Nevada etc then I don’t take into consideration your rain geer.

Keep in mind where and how you hunt when reading reviews.

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