Is It Dangerous To Ride On A Dirt Bike At Night? 5 SAFETY TIPS!

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Riding dirt bike at night alone or with someone is not dangerous if you follow safety precaution and gear up with protections and a good lighting system.

Helpful Tips on Riding Motorcycle at Night Time

  • Have your protective gear slipped on.
  • Use a good light – an extra headlight bulb and flashlight
  • A good helmet light is handy too.

Me and my friend, Julie occasionally go for 50-100-mile rides at 1 or 2am.

It really is fun and a whole different vibe at night because nothing is as familiar.

It would suck to lose all your lighting 50 miles from home at 2am so always have an extra.

6 Tips For Riding A Dirt Bike At Night

  • Safety Equipment

Still yourself in protective clothing (gloves, socks, chest protector, and helmet).

This significantly reduces the dangers you might encounter at night. The risk is greater at night so if you must ride at night, use only high-quality items.

  • Be Visible

Dirt bikes can be hard to see in the trail of the cold night. So, you should consider wearing bright colored clothes that makes it easier for other night drivers to see you.

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Before going out to ride, check that all parts of your bike is working (including the rear and front lights).

You definitely don’t want to be stranded in the middle of the night, away from shelter and protection.

Ride in Mobile Phone Service Area

First, only ride in areas that have mobile coverage in case you need to call in for help.

Second, do not operate your mobile as you drive. This is dangerous and might lead to accidents.

  • Be Civil in Your Speed

Visibility is significantly reduced at night. So, don’t go riding like a raving lunatic.

Remember, other bikers are out there and your eyes are limited at night. So, ride like a civil human being.

  • Be Alert

Be at alert. Hitting an animal or an obstruction at high speeds could lead to multipole fractures and possible bleeding.

Imagine breaking bones and having help out there – not a pretty sight, yeah? So, take it easy on the bike and ride carefully watching out for animals, obstacles, and other riders.

  • Avoid Riding When in a Wet Terrian

Don’t go riding in the rain at night. We know riding at night reduces your visibility, that coupled with the wet ground is a recipe for disaster waiting to happen.

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List of Places You Should Ride At Night

  • Well-lit Environments

Avoid riding in poor-lit places. Instead, ride in tracks or places where you are able to see your dirt bike at night.

That’s not all. The area should be bright enough that animals and other riders can see you.

This will significantly reduce your chances of having an accident.

  • Safe Places

Never ride in places with security threats. The track should be good and well lit with no cracks or holes that could knock you off balance as you ride away.

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Ask your local community for suggestions on areas you can ride at night.

  • Places near hospitals

Ride in places near hospitals incase an accident occurs. Trust me, you don’t want people to take hours before they’re able to reach you.

List of Places You Should Avoid At Night

  • Unsafe Routes

Routes with potholes, dirt, obstacles etc should be avoided at night since they have an higher accident prone score.

You should stick to well-maintained roads. It’s safer and better that way.

  • Areas With Plenty Lot Of People

Avoid busy areas. It is not wise to ride so late at night in places people typically walk in.

Doing so increases your chances of involvement in an accident.

Is It Dangerous To Ride On A Dirt Bike At Night

Equipment For Night Riding

  • First Aid Kit

The importance of first aid kits in an emergency situation cannot be overemphasized.

If you’re involved in an accident and you’re unable to go to the hospital, a first aid kit can really come in handy.

So, you should always have one of these as you prepare for your riding expedition.

  • Helmet Lights

Helmets allow you see everything around you more visibly. This is more useful than bike lights.

It makes it easier to spot other riders, animals and people as well.

  • Communication

Although operation of mobile phone during riding sessions is considered dangerous, having some way of communicating with your friends and family is crucial.

I would stay away from areas with limited cell phone reception if I were you. It’s worth reconsidering your route to go somewhere there is at least a payphone you could use if need be.

  • Clear Goggle Lens

Wear clear lenses, not dark ones at night. We highly recommend you to always have one clear google lens for riding at night and a dark lens for riding in the daylight.

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Should Children Ride At Night?

No, No, No. Do not engage your children in your fantasies. A child has no business riding at night when he/she ought to be asleep.

Forget the precautions you put in place. Let the child rest, at home.

Is it OK to Ride A Motorcycle At Night?

Night riding is good, even for beginners. But it requires more expertise, better gear and more expertise with the right gear. So, be well prepared.

Is It Bad to Go Biking At Night?

No, it is not bad. However, exercise care, and caution while you ride at slow speeds in the night.

Is Driving A Motorcycle At Night Less Safe Than Driving One During The Daytime?

It is much less safe, and the reason is simple: Visibility.

You are much harder to see at night, and unless you exercise great vigilance, you’re at an increased risk of encountering dangers at every intersection, parking lot driveway etc. since someone may pull out in front of you.

It is now much harder to see potential hazards at night; and might not see pot holes, ruts, strips, or oil and grease on the road until it is too late. The same goes for blind curves, intersection hidden by trees etc.

Riding on well-lit streets is not as bad as complete darkness; nonetheless, I prefer to do all my riding in daylight… not to say that I haven’t done my share of night riding… I’m older and wiser now.

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