Is It Dangerous to Ride a Dirt Bike in the Rain? 4 SAFETY MEASURES!

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Riding a dirt bike in the rain is safe as long as you put safety measures in place. For instance, make sure to rain-X and no fog your googles. Roll offs don’t work too well in rain (unless you string some fishing line across your lenses under the roll-offs; that prevents it from sticking).

Also, keep your grips secured alongside the glue and wire. Ensure you duct tape around your boots and spray water repellant around the seams so your feet remain dry.

I typically duct tape at the visor seam too at the helmet. This keeps water from running down and some riders prefer to tap a lens to the front of their visior for additional protection.

I typically carry an extra set of socks, gloves and google in a zip loc bag in my fanny pack just in case.

As far as riding is concerned, you should run tire pressure a bit lower and allow the tires hook up. While it is raining, the tires stay cleaner and you should be able to hook up pretty decent.

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Is It Dangerous to Ride a Dirt Bike in the Rain for Beginners?

I wouldn’t recommend beginners try out bike riding in the rain. That is because the wheels become much smoother, thereby increasing your chances of falling. So, experienced riders and daredevils should be the ones trying this out.

What are the Risks of Riding In The Wet Weather?

  • Avoid Riding in a Large Layer of Water

Riding in high water levels is not wise. It increases your chances of crashing by more than 50%.

This is why it is important you check the ground before stepping out. You can also guage the water level to see if it reaches the body of the bike dirt.

If it does, this means that the water level is too high and it is too dangerous to ride.

  • Rust

Stagnant water on your bike for days can make it rusty.

So, clean your bike after every ride and ensure it is dry, and stored in a cool, dry place too.

  • Safety Gear

The importance of protective gear when riding in the rain cannot be overemphasized.

The risks are much higher during that period and as such, you need to be well protected in case you fall or crash into something.

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Invest in chest protectors, helmets, anti-fog glasses, gloves, zip loc bags for extra set of clothings.

  • Keep the Components of your dirt bike Secure

Protecting exposed parts of your bike with tarpaulin or plastic is smart. This prevents waters from getting into the sensitive parts of the bike as you ride.

  • Don’t Ride for too Long

Do not ride for too long in the rain since you could get too cold, or damage the paintings on your bike.

Is It Dangerous to Ride a Dirt Bike in the Rain

Why You Shouldn’t Ride in the Rain

  • You could become too cold.
  • You could hurt yourself riding.
  • Your bike could suffer from rust after.
  • The paintings on your bike becomes dull

10 Tips for Riding In The Rain

  • Wear winterized clothing and gear to ride your dirt bike. A lot of riders do not take into account the necessary equipment and gear like warm clothes, socks, gloves and wonder why they suffer at the hands of sickness.
  • Ride in water-resistant boots Only. But, you can use water repellant sprays on regular boots to prevent them from getting wet.
  • Wear bright colors and reflective clothing to increase visibility to other riders.
  • Wear water-resistant gloves. These protect your hands from the freezing weather. Water-soaked gloves makes it almost impossible to control your dirt bike.
  • Take extra caution when riding through large puddles. I advise riding dirt bikes on tracks that are uniquely designed to be ridden in rain and water.
  • Take extra clothing and keep them in a waterproof bag/zip loc. It is important.
  • Keep your phone in a Ziploc or use a weatherproof casing/phone to prevent it from getting wet.
  • Use large and stable wheels on your bike.
  • Check weather apps to see how strong the wind and rain will be.
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Can Kids Ride in The Rain?

It is not safe for kids to ride more than 30 minutes in the rain, even with safety measure put in place with an adult’s supervision.


Do your best to stay protected, warm, and comfortable as you rid in the rainy weather. DO NOT forget to HAVE FUN!!! Until next time.

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