Is Google Meet Free and Unlimited? LEARN MORE!

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When the thought or need to conduct a video conference comes up, one of the many platforms to consider is Google Meet. The Google-owned platform has become Zoom’s biggest rival after the covid-19 lockdown gave rise to video conferencing platforms.

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Is Google Meet Free and Unlimited?

Google Meet is built and engineered to provide secure meetings, safe communications, and can be used on any device all for free. The Google Meet app is available for free download on the Google Play Store.

You can easily download the app and start meeting without paying any subscription or entry free. Although, Google Meet is free only for individuals. It comes with plans and subscriptions for teams and businesses.

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Teams and businesses can choose between the Google Workspace Essentials or the Google Workspace Enterprise.

Is Google Meet Safe for Private Video Calls, Students and Teachers?

Security in communication is an essential requirement, one that cannot be trivialized. The same protection used by Google to secure information and safeguard privacy is adopted in the Meet app to make it safe.

Google Meet is safe and conferences are encrypted to make it difficult for third-party influence. According to Google, the security measures used on Meet are updates continuously to provide top-notch security on Meet.

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Is Google Meet Free safe for texting

Where to download Google Meet?

The Google Meet mobile app can be downloaded on any Android or iOS device from Google Play and Apple App Stores respectively. Desktop users can join in the online video conferencing by visiting the Google Meet website at

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