Is Evergreen Complete Safe For Pets & Children? FIND OUT!

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Evergreen becomes safe for pets when it is completely dried or watered and absorbed into the soil.

NEVER ALLOW them walk over the lawn before it’s washed in and dry – this also applies to dogs, cats, kids, etc. because the granules will irritate the skin, and obviously, with cats and dogs, the danger is they’ll lick the granules off their paws.

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If you’re concerned as to whether to use it or not, don’t put it down until you know it’s about to rain, or water it in well after spreading.

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Is Evergreen Complete Safe For Pets?

It is safe as far as the chemical is absorbed into the soil and the lawn is dry when your pet plays on it. I’d give it a couple of weeks & a trim or two just to make sure though.

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Evergreen is a mixture of two selective weedkillers (MCPA -2-ethylhexyl and Mecoprop-p), both of which are a bit harmful when ingested, inhaled or absorbed via the skin.

There are super dangerous to aquatic animals.

For starters, Iron sulphate (moss killer and initial greener-upperer) is a bit toxic too and is notorious for irritating the eyes and skin.

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Superphosphates (the grass fertilizer) is severely damaging to eyes.

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