Is Clear THC Oil Good & Better? WHY & Where to Buy!

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Clear THC oil is good and is in fact also known as Distilled THC.

Distillates are produced through a process known as molecular distillation. Commonly used to create acetone, diesel or gas fuel from petroleum.

Molecular distillation is a new process of cannabinoid extraction method. It requires taking winterized concentrates – Co2 or butane hash oil refined with ethanol or alcohol and then chilled at extreme temperatures – and then distilling them to concentrate the THC further.


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Is Clear THC Oil Better?

Oh, yes, it is! It is the future, man.

Think of it like distilling wine into brandy: You’re taking an extracted substance and refining it even further for higher purity.

Is Clear THC oil Good?

Yes, and it is safe too.

The wiped film evaporator used by commercial extractors uses the various boiling points in cannaboids to thermally separate them.

First, the machine separates the cannaboids from the terpenes by boiling the concentrate at a high pressure but at a relatively low temperature.

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This does a great job at repeatedly removing any impurities, such as leftover lipids or solvents, in the concentrate.

The result? A clear odorless concentrate virtually free of solvents and an improved potency.

Is Clear THC Oil Bad?

The Delta 8 THC distillate is typically water clear or just shy of it. If not, distillate can be distilled multiple times to achieve a clearer product.

This is because terpenes are killed off in the process, meaning the concentrate is free of flavor or smell. However, it can be extracted from cannabis just like THC or CBD, so most extractors will infuse distillates with extracted terpenes so that dabbers can get all the potency without losing the OG flavors, Diesel or Cookies.

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Can THC oil be Clear?

Yes, It can. It is known as Delta 8 THC oil or “CLEAR OIL”, and it is some of the best oil i’ve had. It is legit and completely clear.

Clear THC Oil Cartridges

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