Is Cat Drinking Pool Water Safe for Ferals/Pets? HOW TO DETER!

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Your cat drinking pool water will not make it sick unless the pool is contaminated and stagnant. In more than 35 years of treating sick cats, my dad has never for once seen one sick due to drinking swimming pool water.

Cats are like one of the few animals with the toughest kidneys on the planet, since they evolved as desert-living obligate carnivores. They can even live for more than 10 years eating mainly protein and little water, they are relatively immune to high salt or chlorinated water too.

Most cats I have observed drinking from a swimming pool tend to lap a few mouthfuls and move on. I drink way more than this when I go swimming 4 times a week.

Is Cat Drinking Pool Water Dangerous?

No, it’s not dangerous at all. Cats have brains – so no need to worry at all. A cat typically drinks from a pool out of curiosity or their water bowl needs changing.

It only becomes dangerous when the pool is contaminated, stagnant or contains excessive chlorine (it wouldn’t even be safe for you in such a case).

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A swimming pool water that is blue and clear is generally safe to drink. If it’s chlorine you’re worrying about, tap water (city water) usually contains more chlorine in it than pools (if you don’t believe me, test your tap water with your pool test kit).

Can Cats Drink Salt Water Pool?

An healthy cat can safely drink water from salt water pools since a properly maintained “salt water pool” contains about 1/10th the salt of sea water.

Cats suffering from kidney disease, heart disease and those on salt-restricting diets SHOULD NEVER BE ALLOWED to drink from saltwater pools. To restrict them, use a pool cover or a barricade to limit access.

As a responsible cat owner, it is your duty to always provide fresh, clean and sage water for your cat. You can place a bowl indoors as well as on the way to the pool to deter your cat.

Why? Because an increased salt intake can make dogs and cats drink more and urinate more. The same goes for humans.

Will the Pool Water Give Our Cat Any Health Problems?

Most likely not. If the water is clean, not stagnant and you’re not using an excessive amount of pool chemicals (like chlorine, and bleach), there shouldn’t be any problem. You can always seek medical help when in doubt, potentially even bringing a water probe to your vet, but that would be exaggerating the whole thing, in my honest opinion.

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As long as your cat continues to act like itself, I wouldn’t raise the alarm, yet. Tapped water is treated with chlorine and is never really clean (rain water although natural, attracts some unwanted attention from particles in the air too). Yet we usually make it “pet friendly” for aquarium dwellers only (who have to live in there, not just drink it).

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Cat Drinking Pool Water

Can My  Cat Get Out if it falls in the Pool?

We cannot really tell without knowing your pool measurements specifically. Anyways, you need to make sure there’s some way for your cat to get out (and she somewhat knows that).  Remember that the cat won’t be able to jump from the water without touching the ground.

Can My Cat Damage our Pool Liner if She falls in?

Like the question above, this too will heavily depend on how your pool is built. For the most part, the materials used here are rather durable, but if the cat is in panic and there’s something soft to be damaged, then there’s a chance your cat could damage it unintentionally, as it struggles to get out of the water.

How to Get Cat to Stop Drinking Pool Water

The easiest way to prevent your cat from drinking pool water is to:

  • Allow them easy access to fresh, clean water via their water dish outside of the pool.
  • Monitor your cat closely and if you notice they are lapping up water or frequently urinating, then it’s time to force your cat to take a break from the pool.
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Can Cats Drink Chlorophyll Water?

Cats can safely drink chlorophyll water, with no issues at all. In fact, ChlorOxygen® which is a chlorophyll concentrate, is safe and effective for cats and dogs. Chlorophyll is a compound that gives plants their green coloring

Is Cat Chlorine Poisoning a Real Thing?

Depending on the does, exposure and overall health, your cat may suffer from chlorine poisoning if they were exposed to too much.

However, the risk is minimal to none from the level of chlorine you put in your pool or damp swimming costume.

The real risk is a cat being exposed to liquid chlorine or chlorine tablets in concentrated form. If that happens. There could be a case of serious chlorine poisoning from chlorine products.

The following are conditioning a cat chlorine poisoned cat may exhibit:

  • Burning in their mouth and throat
  • Vomiting and wrenching
  • Pain and swelling in their throat
  • Stomach pains

Can Cats Drink Tap Water?

Veterinarians advise against giving cats and dogs tap water that is untreated. That means processed water from the tap is safe. While unprocessed tap water isn’t.

What to Do If Your Dog Drinks Chlorine Water?

If that happens from a pool, then do absolutely nothing! However, if it is a high concentration volume then you should rinse them off, give them lots of fresh water, call your vet and monitor them for any changes.

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