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If there is iron out in pool water, then you’re most likely battling a brown water issue after adding chlorine to your pool.

To treat with a chemical, we recommend using Super Iron Out but if you want some safer DIY ways then you should read on.

Iron in Pool Removal – QUICK N EASY WAYS!

  • Layers of Tube Socks

Use layers of tube socks zip tied over the end of the incoming tube from your filter. You should wrap the sock layers with a towel and then spray it out over couple of hours as the towel becomes dark orange. Hurray!


Or you can put 3 tube socks inside each other, tied them on the end of the hose, and put them on the top step of the ladder – the water went thru the socks, and down the step into the pool. The socks will turn brown and your water is clear, again!

  • Alum with Chlorine

The brown-green color your pool shows now comes from chlorine reacting with the iron in your well water. The alum (GET ON AMAZON) will settle the iron which can then be cleaned after 48 hours from the bottom. We recommend exercise being patient for that period.

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Once it has settled, you should vacuum Alum to waste, as it’s dangerous. However, it does a fantastic job at keeping anything out of water.

  • Baking Soda

Baking soda (Bicarb Soda) helps in the removal of iron in pool, but it does so slowly.

  • Calcium Absorbate

Some metal stains i.e. magnesium stains can be removed by using vitamin C (calcium abscorbate). However, it’s costly though, so we recommend 20 grams in a sock dabbed onto the stain directly. They usually disappear immediately when you

  • Bucket Method

Get a bucket then drill some holes in the bottom.

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Next, stuff an old pillow stuffing to fill it. Then drill an hole in the lid and connect the out flow from your pool pump (old vacuum plastic wand makes it easy). Connect the hose to the wand and shove the wand into the hole on the lid.

Run your pump until it turns crystal clear. It doesn’t matter if the lid leaks a little.

  • Milk Jug

Pack a milk jug tight with quilt batting and poke some holes in the bottom. Then connect the return hose from the filter to the jug and then prop it up on the ladder.

I got a jug of iron out on Amazon and used about 1/2 a bottle and literally in about 3 or 4 hours the water was crystal clear. Amazing solution for under 20 bucks! I changed the batting in the jug 3 nights in a row and the water is clear as a bell. Apparently the chlorine shock treatment will activate the iron out of the well water and bingo, it’s brown.

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Iron Out in Pool Water

  • Toilet Cleaner

1 bottle of The Works toilet cleaner helps to get rid of brown pool water for good too.

Simply pour in half into the water and run the filter. When you go out the next day, it should be liht brown. Then clean the filter and add Corline tablets in skimmer and it should take about 3 days to get your clear blue water.

However, ensure you clean filter for at least 2 times a day and it works!

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