[PICTURES] Índio Gigante Chicken Facts & Breed INFO!

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The Indio gigante chicken, also known as the Brazilian bird was first developed from oversized fighting cocks crossed on such birds as Plymouth Rocks.

This bird is very tall, and the males typically stand over 90 cm tall while females are over 80 cm.

Their meat tastes really good but their size prevents them from being good broodies and they have a docile temperament.

Índio Gigante Chicken Facts

Índio Gigante


Temperament Docile




Males reach 105 cm while females reach 90 cm tall

Egg production

Up to 250 eggs per year

Egg color



Males weigh 4.5 and females weigh 3 kilos as adults


$99 for day old chicks, and juvenile roos were $249 if I recall
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The Índio Gigante appeared in Brazil from the cross of rooster cockerels with chicks and other breeds of chickens.

Over time, the breeders picked the largest specimens until arriving at the present-day Indio gigante.

The birds are results from a genetic improvement performed by the cross-breeding of different breeds, such a Malay and Shamo chicken, based on the genetic heritage transmitted by fighting roosters.

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Índio Gigante Chicken Facts

The current day breed of indio gigante chicken breed has a definite pattern and a national association of breeder to better organize the breeding in the national territory and work on its genetic improvement.

To be considered an Indio Gigante, the rooster needs to be at least 105 centimeters (1.05 meters), with a minimum weight of 4.5 kilos adult, and the hen at least 90 centimeters, with a minimum weight of 3 kilos as an adult.

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Other striking and visible characteristics include beak, plumage, etc, which must be observed according to the official standard.

The measurement of the size of the animal is made from the tip of the nail of the middle finger of the paw to the tip of the beak holding the chicken so that it is fully stretched, usually horizontally, because in this position it is usually calm and easier to measure.

The tallest roosters from elite genetics can reach 124 centimeters.

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