How to Use Rustolem for Pool Coping

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You can use rustoleum for pool coping. Simply spray your aluminum coping with Rustolium TM spray paint.

How to use Rustolem for Pool Coping

Using Spray Paint

  • Using a TSP mix, clean the coping. Exercise caution here so as not to get the TSP in the pool.
  • Then Mask off the deck and use a shield for keeping the paint out of the pool.
  • Use the common painting precautions to avoid drips! Plus, avoid using spraypaint on a windy day.
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Although brushes can be used, I’ve discovered spraypaint to be easier and effective. Plus, as with any painting job, surface prep is KEY to a good and lasting end product.

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How to use Rustolem for Pool Coping

Using Brush

  • Use a 3-inch foam roller or a small foam brush for touch ups.
  • The foam doesn’t leave any drips or streaks and provides you with a nice clean finish. Yes, you need to tape off the a few inches of concrete and the first couple of inches of pool wall just to keep them clean.
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