How to use Mosquito Bits on Potted Plants/Gnats

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Are your indoor plants infested with fungus gnats, and you want a fix? Yes, Mosquito Bits (Bti) will work out.

To use outside, use 1 teaspoon for 25 square feet. But, how about on the inside? Read on to find out how to make mosquito bits tea:

How to use Mosquito Bits on Potted Plants/on Gnats

You need to apply this product on the surface of water, not soil.

  • Fill a container with as much water as you can
  • Then apply to your plants at the next watering day
  • Sprinkle in a very small amount of the bits.
  • Allow it sit for some time, then stir it up, and water your plants.
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For more information, you should read your label. You will discover that the product is made to be used for containerized bodies of water where mosquitoes breed but it also proves to be effective against fungus gnat control, too but should be delivered to the potting soil through the watering can.

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Avoid making more than you will need for a single watering cycle, because you will need to use it 1, 2, or 3 watering days. Don’t water more often than usual.

Anyways, I know people have been using mosquito dunks and bits for a very, very, very long time as a method of biological control of fungus gnats for indoor plants. That, and changing the potting mix and watering habits can all work collectively to eliminate the problem.

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How Long To Soak Mosquito Bits

You can soak moquito Bits soak for 30 minutes to remove the BTI, then skim off the floating granules.

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How much Mosquito Bits Per Gallon?

You can mix 4 tablespoons of mosquito bits in 1 gallon of water.

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