How to Tell If A Squirrel Is Pregnant or Nursing or Fat – QUICK TIPS!

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Squirrels typically don’t become fat like how some humans get. They’re typically the same size as they were when pregnant. However, some have bloated belly when pregnant and about to give birth.

The Nipples of a pregnant squirrel will be more prominent than usual in the last couple of days of pregnancy. Then there would be increased appetite, food hoarding or nesty stuff plus any subtle personality or behavior changes.

Other signs of pregnancy in squirrels include: solitude, away from usual playmates and especially the males.

Boys are generally larger overall; and girls are a bit smaller; and then there are skinny squirrels that are starving but you’ll hardly see those unless they are infected with rabies.

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How to Tell If A Squirrel Is Pregnant or Nursing or Fat

Caught the squirrel and have a veterinarian or zoologist have a look at it, by palpating the belly.

The pregnancy period is typically short – 45 days and their babies are really tiny when they’re born. Rodents hardly have large belly when pregnant.

There are many squirrels around my area that eat so much human junks that you’d think they’re pregnant, even during winter – they appear so chubby.

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How to Tell If A Squirrel Is Male or Female

You can catch them and look at the belly but that’s not advisable since a wild squirrel can do serious damage with their teeth.

Instead, you can get them to climb a wire-fence by giving treats so you can have a close look at their belly. You will see their reproduction organ.

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Most times, the males organ is clearly more visible.

A pregnant female squirrel typically has swollen nipples. If you can count the nipples, you can not only be sure she is pregnant, but the number typically gives away the number of babies she is carrying.

Like humans, you can’t always tell if a squirrel is pregnant or not.

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When do Squirrels Have Babies in Illinois?

Squirrels in Illinois typically have babies between March and April after a 45 period with an average litter of between 3-5 squirrels.

The young squirrels are weaned at around 12 weeks of ae and can be often seen exploring outside the entry point.

How to Tell If A Squirrel Is Pregnant or Nursing

What is a Grey Squirrel Gestation Period?

How long are squirrels pregnant for? With a gestation period of 40-44 days, the female bears her litter of 1 to 9 (average 2 or 3) in a den or leafy nest.

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What to Feed A Pregnant Squirrel?

You can feed water, walnuts, sunflowers, corn, etc.

I typically feed a couple of nursing or pregnant mamas walnuts, pecans, peanuts, cashews etc.

You can purchase large bags of those in Amazon or Walmart (unsalted ones) so look out for raw nuts.

Nuts are great because they contain protein, oils, and fats that their babies need. There are lots of nuts that provide various amounts of minerals and vitamins to a pregnant squirrel.

You can feed yogurt too. It is rich in calcium for nice, strong bones for her babies.

Give her nuts she can bury and eat later when you’re not around. So, don’t make all her food perishable.

Pregnant Squirrel Behavior

A pregnant squireel behavior include:

  • Change in habits
  • Solitude
  • Eating more than usual.

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