How To Tell How Old A Flying Squirrel Is? 99% Accurate!

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In 99% of cases, you can determine the age of a flying squirrel by their weight.

The most accurate, better way, is knowing when they were born, or the day their eyes opened.

This list was taken from litters we’ve owned in the past, and I thought it might be a great idea to compile them and share with you.

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Note: This should be used for healthy, hydrated babies and should be treated as a guide-line, not absolute method.

Age Weight
Newborn 3 Grams
4 days 5 Grams
7 days 7 Grams
9 days 7-8 Grams
12 days 10-11 Grams
14 days 11-13 Grams
17 days 12-13 Grams
19 days 15-16 Grams
21 days 16-19 Grams
28 days Eyes Open
30 days 25-26 Grams
31 days 27-28 Grams
35 days 30-31 Grams
38 days 32-34 Grams
41 days 34-37 Grams
50 days 41-52 Grams (notice the large variation now)
52 days 43-53 Grams
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I hope this gives you an idea on how to tell the age of a flying squirrel.

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How To Tell How Old A Flying Squirrel Is

What Can I feed my Baby Squirrel?

You can feed a pinch of granola, a small piece of apple, granola, and dry (real) oatmeal to get him started.

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You can spice things up with yogurt, meal worms or wax worms.

Once baby is close to the age for weaning but we give formula as long as they will take it. I use FoxValley 32/40 but it’s only available online. Many use Esbilac puppy formula with probiotics and prebiotics. It’s sold on AMAZON.

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