How To Stop Cars From Turning Around In Your Driveway

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Need new ways to block off driveway? Search no more! We share some simple yet effective driveway blocker ideas you can try today.

Like you, there are several others looking for guides on how to stop cars from turning around in their driveway for reasons ranging from Privacy, to some driveways having a deceptive angle, to car screeching intolerance. Whatever the reason is, we’ve got your back!

How To Stop Cars From Turning Around In Your Driveway

If people are turning in your driveway all the time, then I would:

  • Put Up a Sign


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The signs will warn people. They are simple yet effective driveway deterrents. If that fails then you might need to get a gate with a remote. Gates are most effective, but they cost a lot more than mere signs.

  • Use a Remote-Controlled Gate

But, my neighbors keep turning around in my driveway, what to do?


A remote-controlled gate is one of the most creative ways to block a driveway from outsiders/neighbors. It doesn’t even have to be too substantial for people to get the message.

There are battery and solar operated ones that don’t need wiring to power. You can also add in your sign for extra clout.

You should also check in with your local regulations before you put up a gate. Chances are that the gate will have to be set back a certain distance from the road, and that distance will likely still allow plenty of room to turn around before they get to the gate. HOWEVER, THEY DO WORK!!!

  • Make it Less Appealing

You can make it less appealing by:

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Using a Driveway Solar Alarm (CHECK ON AMAZON)

Narrowing the entrance

Putting up a beam or overhead bar (CHECK ON AMAZON) that people will hate.

  • Park Your Car

Just park your car at the foot of the driveway. unless of course its a really long driveway and you have a haul to the house.

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Is it illegal to turn Around In Someone Else’s Driveway?

In most cases, it is not illegal to use another person’s driveway unless they are using it to commit a felony drug sale. If you don’t like it and know the person using your driveway, you can politely ask them to use another neighbor’s driveway politely.

How Do I Stop My Truck From Turning Around In My Driveway?

Sink a couple of 6″ metal fence posts in concrete and stretch a highly visible heavy chain (CHECK ON AMAZON) across the driveway.

How To Stop Cars From Turning Around In Your Driveway

How Do I Keep My Neighbors Off My Driveway?

Simply do the following:

  • Talk to The Neighbor politely
  • Put Up a Sign and Traffic Cones to Keep All Cars Away
  • Put up A Few Security Cameras to Ward Off Unwanted Cars
  • Call the Towing Company to Help Stop Strangers Blocking Your Driveway
  • Paint A Clear Line for The Driveway.
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Can I Put A Chain Across My Driveway?

Yes, you can put a chain across your driveway with no issues at all. Just ensure the chains are highly visible so they can ward off intruding drivers.

Is Turning Around In A Driveway Trespassing?

No, it really isn’t trespassing.

Can I put Spike Strips in my Driveway?

Depending on your state laws, putting spike strips (CHECK ON AMAZON) in your driveway is perfectly legal.

Can You Put Nails In Your Driveway?

You can put nails in your driveway as long as long as you put a large sin stating PRIVATE PROPERTY and stating that there are spikes (CHECK ON AMAZON) on the ground and anyone driving on your private property will suffer severe damage to their vehicle!

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