How to Reset Whirlpool Washer [All Fixes]

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  • Turn on the washing machine’s power supply.
  • Maintain the POWER(1) button mounted on the panel in the OFF position.
  • Now, while continuing to press the PROGRAM(2) button, the WATER LEVEL button must be pressed twice (All indication lights will blink)
  • Now, one by one, press all the buttons on the panel except the power button.
  • After that, open the washing machine’s lid and listen for a beep. Close the lid.
  • The RESET cycle will begin on your washing machine.

Alternative Methods

  • Unplug the washer from the electrical outlet for 1 minute.
  • Reconnect the washer and lift and lower the lid six times over a 12-second period. You have thirty seconds to begin raising and lowering the lid.
  • Now that the motor has been reset, it is ready for you to begin a cycle.

You had to run diagnostics on some models to determine an error code; on others, you could simply unplug for 20 to 15 minutes.

Others required only a combination of buttons to re-establish control. I recommend retrieving the tech sheet from the console area and then running diagnostics to identify any codes. Then

://">perform the necessary repairs and reset the control.

If your washing machine is having problems (it may be displaying an error code), resetting the washer frequently resolves the problem and eliminates the error code. However, if the washer has a defective part or a blockage, you must address the issue immediately to avoid further problems.

How to Reset Whirlpool Washer

While most Whirlpool washers can be reset by unplugging them, some models may require additional steps.

You may be able to locate the specific reset instructions for your model in the manual or on the washer’s technical sheet, which is typically located beneath the control panel.

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The methods listed below will demonstrate how to reset your Whirlpool washing machine.

This guide is applicable to the majority of Whirlpool models, which include the following:






















The most common method of resetting a Whirlpool washing machine is to turn off the machine’s power.

The reset function allows the washing machine’s electrical charge to dissipate, allowing it to reset. If the reset fails, repeat the procedure, but double the amount of time required to wait.

To ensure safety and to avoid damaging the washer, turn off the washing machine’s control panel before unplugging it.

To reset your Whirlpool washer, follow these steps:

  • Utilize the control panel to turn off the washing machine.
  • Remove the washing machine’s plug.
  • Wait Three minutes, please.
  • Reconnect the washer and wait thirty seconds before turning it on.

This procedure will usually reset the washing machine.

  • Reset the Circuit Breaker

If you are unable to unplug the washing machine, you can also disconnect the power by resetting the circuit breaker in the electrical panel of your home.

To reset your Whirlpool washer, follow these steps:

  • Utilize the control panel to turn off the washing machine.
  • In your home’s electrical panel, locate the washing machine’s circuit breaker.
  • Lift the circuit breaker to turn off the washer’s power.
  • Wait Three minutes, please.
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Reset the circuit breaker to reactivate the washer’s power.

Wait thirty seconds before pressing the washer’s control panel button.

  • Activate a Sequence of Buttons

To reset certain Whirlpool models, a combination of buttons must be pressed or held. The best way to determine which buttons to press to reset the washing machine is to consult the manual.

If you cannot locate the manual for your Whirlpool model, pressing a combination of the Pause/Cancel and Power buttons may work.

To reset your Whirlpool washing machine, follow these steps:

  • Two times press the Pause/Cancel button.
  • Once, press the Power button.

If the reset was successful, you should hear the device beep or see the display panel flash.

  • Rotate the Dial

If your washing machine’s control panel features a dial, you may be able to reset it by following the instructions below.

  • Utilize the control panel to turn off the washing machine.
  • Adjust the dial to the Normal position.
  • Turn off the washing machine using the control panel.
  • Turn the dial to Normal.
  • Turn the dial counterclockwise one click.
  • Turn the dial clockwise three clicks.
  • Turn the dial counterclockwise one click.
  • Turn the dial clockwise one click.
  • To begin, click the Start button. An illuminated control panel should be visible.
  • Ascertain that the buttons for Rinse, Wash, and Stop are illuminated. They should be illuminated by turning the dial or pressing these buttons.
  • On the control panel, turn off the washer.
  • For twenty seconds, unplug the washer.
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Start the washer. If everything went well, your washer will now be reset.

  • Lid Opening and Closing

If you have a Whirlpool top-loading washing machine, you may need to open and close the lid to reset it.

  • To reset a Whirlpool top-loading washer, follow these steps:
  • Remove the washing machine’s plug.
  • Allow one minute before reconnecting the washing machine.
  • Six times within twelve seconds, open and close the lid.

Depending on the washer, you may hear a beep or see the control panel light up to indicate that the reset was successful.

  • Press the Power and Program Buttons at the same time.

If none of the above methods work for you, you may be able to reset your model by pressing the Power, Program, and Water Level buttons. Following the pressing of these buttons, the lid of the washing machine must be opened and closed.

To reset a Whirlpool washing machine, follow these steps:

  • Ensure that the washer’s power is turned on at the wall, but leave the power button on the control depressed.
  • Keep the Program button pressed while pressing the Water Level button twice. The control panel lights should illuminate if everything is done correctly.
  • All buttons on the control panel, except the Power button, should be pressed sequentially.
  • Open the washing machine’s lid; you should hear a beep.
  • When you close the washing machine’s lid, it should initiate a reset cycle.

If none of the above methods successfully reset your Whirlpool washer, the control board may be faulty. If this is the case, it may be time to contact a trained technician to troubleshoot and repair the washing machine.

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