How To Repair Cracked Plastic Pool Steps

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We are sharing quick ways by which you can fix a fiberglass and plastic pool steps. So, let’s get right to it.

How To Repair Cracked Plastic Pool Steps

I have great success with a product known as Schmere. It is a PVC pellet product (BUY ON AMAZON) that turns to a paste when mixed with primer. Once you have done that, you should trowel it on any plastic surface and smooth out. It slowly turns to plastic as it slowly dries.

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I have done this for several plastic steps along the years and this works. It works on skimmers too.

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How To Repair Cracked Plastic Pool Steps

How to Repair Cracked Fiberglass Pool Steps

Use a two-part resin compound or visit the closest marina to you and they should have fiberglas repair kits (BUY ON AMAZON). Another place to check would be on Amazon.

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A 2-part resin will seal the cracks as well. You just need to lower the water balance cracks and let the steps dry then follow the directions for the resin application. Once complete, allow it sit for up to 24 hours then re-fill pool.

marine underwater repair epoxy

JB Weld Bondo type of mix this year

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