How to Refurbish Golf Cart Battery – Step-by-Step! [&Ebook]

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This will work depending on some number of things and they are:

  • How long your batteries have sat without having any charge
  • How long they last after being charged
  • Or if they accept any form of charge at all.

Reconditioning your old golf car battery to restore it back to life requires the following things:

  • Distilled water
  • Turkey baster
  • Baking soda
  • An old paintbrush
  • Battery charger and
  • Epsom salt.

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How to Refurbish Golf Cart Battery

Step By Step Guide: Golf Cart Battery Reconditioning

The following steps you can use to recondition your golf cart batteries include:

  1. Open the cart battery and allow the battery acid run out of each of the cell by tipping the battery on its edge.
  2. Make a baking soda solution by mixing baking soda and water, dip the paint brush inside the solution and use it to rinse your battery.
  3. Make sure the solution does not get into the battery cell.
  4. Mix about 8 ounces of Epsom salt and 2 quarts of warm distilled water, stir thoroughly until the salt get dissolved inside the distilled water
  5. Fill the both cells completely with the solution of the Epsum salt using turkey baster to fill the cells.
  6. Epsom salt removes the deposits on the battery plate that may prevent your battery from charging
  7. Charge the battery overnight to get a full charge, replace the cell caps.
  8. Take your golf cart for a long ride to see if the battery last long enough.
  9. If it doesn’t take long, use a volt meter to check the power output.
  10. Consider changing your golf cart battery if the charge doesn’t last.
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Benefits of Reconditioned Golf Cart Batteries

Some benefits of reconditioning golf cart batteries are:

  • You get to save time and money by reconditioning your golf cart batteries instead of purchasing new ones.
  • You also tend to save the environment by reconditioning old golf cart batteries instead of discarding them. Batteries contain some solutions that are not environmentally friendly.
  • Reconditioning golf cart batteries can help your cart batteries last for more than a year if you use it properly.

Can Golf Cart Batteries Be Refurbished?

Yes, Golf cart batteries can be refurbished, the only exception to that is if the battery is not completely dead.

If it is only half-dead, it can be refurbished, charged and used as new.

But if your batteries are damaged physically, there will be nothing you can do to have it refurbished.

Are Refurbished Golf Cart Batteries Any Good?

Well, according to some research, refurbished cart batteries are good.

But most people that have had experiences with refurbished golf cart batteries have said they ain’t any good.

Some went further to say it is a pretty waste of time and resources refurbishing or perhaps purchasing a refurbished golf cart battery.

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Steps To Maintaining Golf Cart Batteries:

Maintaining your golf cart batteries will result in your golf cart having a longer battery life.

Some of the things needed to maintain a golf cart battery include:

  • Gloves and goggles as preventive equipments
  • Distilled water
  • Voltmeter
  • Hydrometer
  • Baking soda
  • Post cleaner
  • Vaseline

When handling batteries you should always wear your protective gear like your google and disposable gloves.

Always inspect your golf cart batteries to detect any potential problems before they become damaging.

Start by inspecting the battery for potential damage and you will do that by:

  • Check the outside appearance of the battery by looking for cracks in the container.
  • Make sure the battery top, the connections,and posts are kept clean.
  • Make sure the battery terminals have no corrosions and are free of dirts and fluids
  • Any damaged battery should be replaced or repaired immediately.
  • Check battery connections and cables for lose or parts that are damaged
  • Make sures all the wires have good contact with their terminals.

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Watering of Golf Cart Batteries

Golf cart batteries need water to increase its performance and longevity.

But this must be done in the right proportion and at the right time.

Water should be added after charging the battery fully, water should fully cover the plates prior to charging. Always keep the water at the correct level, before or after fully charging.

Some steps for watering your golf cart battery:

  • Open the vent caps
  • Check also the level of the electrolyte inside the plate
  • Just add enough water to cover the plates if necessary
  • Put the battery on complete charge before adding another water.
  • One the battery charge complete, open the vent cap and look inside the fill well
  • Finally, clean, replace and tighten the vent cap.
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Importance Things to Note:

  • Do not let the plate get corroded, this is done when the plate is exposed to air.
  • Ensure not to fill the water level to the cap, this will cause the battery acid to overflow.
  • Only use distilled water and ionized water, not mineral water.

How To Know When Your Golf Cart Battery Is Going Bad?

There are quite a number of reasons why your golf cart battery could be going bad. These reasons could either be as a result of electrical faults like a bad connection, faulty switch or a broken wire.

It can as well be a result of a drive that is burned out.

Some tips to know when your golf cart battery is going bad are:

  • Charging issues, make sure your golf cart battery is charged properly, after charging if it runs properly, then it may likely not be a charging issue.
  • Check to know if your battery terminals are connected tightly.
  • Check the Acid levels to see if they properly covered the cells inside the battery, if it is not, you can top it off using distilled water only.
  • Check to see if your battery does not hold charge that long

Things to Do With Your Old Golf Cart Battery

You can refurbish your old golf cart battery by yourself or take it to an auto part store to have it refurbished for you.

You can also take the golf cart battery to a hazardous waste facility for it to be refurbished also.

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