“SECRETS” on How to Pee in The Pool Without Being Noticed

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Like you, a lot of people want to learn how to pee in the pool without getting caught. We have written a simple guide to you on how you can urinate into the pool without anyone finding out.

Although cool, swimming pools are one of the most disgusting places in the world. They’re not only filled with blood, urine, but bacteria and some traces of feces too.

How to Pee in The Pool Without Being Noticed

Here’s how you can avoid being caught peeing into the pool:

  • Be Mobile

The first thing to do is to keep moving. Never sit (or stand still) if you want to pee in the water, because it will become clear your urine is in the pool right away. It is the pool dye (CHECK ON AMAZON) that gives this away straight-up.

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No need to close your eye, or begin talking to the girl (or guy) next to you. Don’t try to shake it off either. Simply swim away from the crowd and begin to practice your backstroke for a second.

  • Use a Life Preserver

The life preserver (CHECK ON AMAZON) for ladies is basically a floating toilet – You should have no issues getting yourself comfortable here, but ensure you release the piss in bits, slowly, as you could blow up your cover if you don’t.

  • Avoid peeing on the Water Side

There are a couple of places where you’ll get caught if you try to pee- the water slide is one of them. Fight off the temptation to pee in this part.

  • Utilize Aerobics as A Distraction

If you’ve got to relieve yourself using what’s between your legs and can’t get away from the crowd, begin doing aerobics. That will take away attention from what you’re doing, and will also help spread the urine fast quickly without warranting unwanted attention.

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They might call you weird for the rest of the day, but at least nobody will know you’re peeing (haha). Besides, where’s the fun in being normal, anyway? *winks*.

  • Try the Diving Pee

This is the most rewarding yet hard to pull off advanced techniques. To execute this successfully, you need to be able to begin a slow trickle right as you bounce off the diving board, then release as you’re falling through the air.

When successfully executed, not even binoculars can get an understanding of the motive. It will also add a cool jet stream-looking effect to any pictures taken of your dive.

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How to Pee in The Pool Without Being Noticed

How to Pee in a Lake without Getting Caught

The lake is a big pool of water that is relaxing to swim in. So relaxing that you just need to gift it a little bit of yourself. We can understand why – however, peeing in a reservoir requires a bit more finesse, since there aren’t any chemicals in the pool to counter it.

  • Ensure nobody is watching.
  • Avoid peeing in the water supply.
  • Urinate freely or in a secret place but ensure nobody is on the other side of the lake watching with a telephoto lens or binoculars.

How to Remove Urine from Pool

Changing the pool water will help get rid of urine in your swimming pool.

Is It Ok to Pee In Pools?

It’s fine to urinate in pools if you can’t help it. However, we still advise using the toilet instead.

Does it Matter If You Pee In Pools?

No, it doesn’t. However, for the safety of all, kindly use a toilet.

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