How to Open Maytronics Power Supply EASY

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If you own a 9995670 Power Supplymodel and it seems not to be working an more, then the reason for that could be the power switch. It is most likely oxidized by moisture.

So you should open it. Opening it does not mean you open the whole case, at times only the power switch is enough.

How to Open Maytronics Power Supply

  • Using an hairdryer (BUY ON AMAZON), heat up the plastic part of the switch
  • Fold up the thick foil witch the blade of a carpet knife (BUY ON AMAZON)
  • You should see the upper part of the switch after loosening the foil. That part can be fixed with a small duct tape.
  • Simply take away the upper part and clean the oxidized parts of the the switch, with fiberglass pen and contact cleaner. Put everything back together.

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how to open maytronics power supply

In my case, I fixed my unit plastic foil with double sided duct tape, but BE EXTRA CAREFUL – LEAVE THE MIDDLE OUT OF GLUE TO LET THE SWITCH WORK.

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