How to Not Be Stiff When Dancing [5 Easy Tips!]

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Do you feel relaxed when you’re dancing or do you usually think about failing even in bachata or what you should be doing at those times?

If your body is naturally tighter than usual, plenty of styles (like popping for example) are good for that to plug into. But you should also practice and learn how moves flow into each other will require more looseness, but that comes with time.

Your spinal column is another area that might help. You should loosen your hips (lower spine), chest (mid-spine), and neck or head (upper spine). You should let them disconnect from each other in multiple directions.

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Practice moving your spine in slow steady waving motions both to the back, front, up, sides, and down.

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How to Not Be Stiff When Dancing

How to Not Be Stiff When Dancing

  • Take a moment and become aware of all parts of your body.
  • Now, tighten up every muscle and then release.
  • Attempt to warm up with isolations, move one part of the body (head, torso, shoulders, hips) at a time.
  • Paint a mental picture of getting everything loose, including your shoulders and neck.
  • Then let your arms and head move naturally as you dance.
  • Imagine letting each movement connect fluidly to the next.
  • Stretch every day for some time, after warming up of course.
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Stretching is great! You can do it alongside any activity that focuses on body awareness. Pilates and yoga help since they help one to control individual muscles, and how to keep good posture throughout the day, not just while dancing, which is a helpful thing.

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Do two to three laps of hard stroking or crossovers. Then, stretch with the boards as a barre-warming up a little. This will prevent you from suffering stress and tear.

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Whatever exercise you do, ensure you practice, practice, and practice. I’m not super-flexible but I’m better than I was from just doing a little each day.

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