How to Know if My Pool is Too Close to House

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Every city has its own unique code as to setback of the pool. The correct measurement of how further your pool will be depends on an engineer. A lot of cities will let you move the pool of an engineer is making recommendations about the pool and house structures.

The way the house foundation is engineered and construction will greatly impact this.

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How to Know if My Pool is Too Close to House

Civil Engineer recommends an angle of repose + 1/3 distance, since you are digging down. That would mean no longer than about 3 feet to the house.

Do this – Picture your house edge as being the top of a stockpile, and consider the dirt to be a loose conical pile. From the edge of your house, you move outward to where the base of that stockpile would be.

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You want to be at least the distance of where the base of such a stockpile would be plus 1/3 of that from what would be the top of your pile, if it was all loose dirt.

Pool is Too Close to House

The reasoning behind this is if something should collapse, it won’t take part of your house foundation with it, in the case of a hole.

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It is figured both ways. If you had a basement, and were adding in an above ground pool with no dig, you would need to be at least that same distance described from the vertical wall of your basement.

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