How to Keep Pool Cover from Blowing Off Inground Pool

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Try a half inch of water on top of the pool cover to prevent pool cover from blowing during heavy winds.

It can be a struggle to prevent wind from blowing pool cover off and although there are lots of products that claim to work, we have handpicked some quick solutions here:

How to Keep Pool Cover from Blowing Off Inground Pool

  • Spring Clamps

I use 2” spring clamps from Amazon (GET ON AMAZON), and they costs less than $5 each. I use 10 for my 15-foot above ground pool and they work great!

  • Jugs of Water

Hang jugs of water (BUY ON AMAZON) tied with twine from the grommets and no cable. In the deck area, you should lay the shallow end portion of the cover on the deck and place the stairs/ladder weights on top of the cover. It holds it in place well.

  • Bigger Pool Cover

We recommend getting 1 size bigger for your pool cover (I used a 30” cover on my 26” pool). That with the steel blade wrapped around and about 6 gal jugs spaced evenly around.

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I then go ahead to tie them via both the cable and grommet. I got a cheap pool pillow off Amazon and used that beneath (covering the plug with duct tape after inflating), but usually only get a year or two from the pillow.

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How to Keep Pool Cover from Blowing Off Inground Pool

  • Nylon

If the wind in your area is too high for the options stated above then you could take the nylon twine and the grommet kit from above, and use them to tie the PVC to the cover.

  • Try a Slatted Pool Cover

Buy a slatted pool cover from Amazon and use it.

How to Keep Pool Solar Cover from Flying Off

  • PVC Pipes

Lay PVC pipes (capped on both ends) across the solar pool cover. Next, you fill them with something to give them an extra weight. I own 4 or 5 of these and I just lay them in various places across the cover.

  • Use a Board

For the sides of the pool, we rolled the ends of the pool cover around a board, and then secured the board- right through the pool cover – to the wood foundation with screws.

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You should wrap the ends like a gift package, and cut then fold carefully to avoid places where precipitation could collect or wind catch, then using clips (and all-weather tape where necessary) to secure it.

A sturdy metal rod can work as well, but we had the boards handy and cold weather was moving pretty fast.

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