How to Keep Cows from eating Deer Corn (7+ Working Solutions)

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Three-strand barbed wire is the cheapest solution. Next is a hog wire (this comes in the same height as cattle panels and is typically in a roll).

30 x 30 is the smallest pen you build with panels to keep deer from feeling too cramped. Be very careful with using a solar-powered electric wire on the pen.

Naturally, deer will almost always go under the barbed wire as opposed to jumping over which is positive. Negative is You risk shocking the big boy that doesn’t clear the wire. Once that happens, he won’t be back.

One strand of electricity is all you need if you go that route.

I understand how frustrating it can be when you put corn pile in the field as deer attractants but the cattle get it first. I used to be in that sort of situation and I have here today some solutions that might work for you.

How to Keep Cows from eating Deer Corn

I kept it in a fenced area and usually wait till the cows are gone and then lay the wood to a big ol swamp donkey from 1000 yards from a heated blind while I was watching tv and drinking fine bourbon.

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If that doesn’t work then consider one of the following solutions:

  • Solution One

Locate where the deer are entering the field. Get back off the field and watch it a few mornings and in the afternoon to see if where you thought they were entering and exiting is truly where they are.

Then set up a stand within shooting distance of this area.

To get the deer on camera, put it where they enter or exit the field. You can then get one or two cameras to cover plenty entrance/exits.

Once you figure out when and from where they are coming to the field, Boom! You’ve got it licked!

To encourage a deer to use a certain spot in the fence, take a couple of big zip ties and bind the top two or three strands to make it easier for them to go over. Or do the bottom couple so they can go under easier, whichever looks more likely.

This seems much easier than cutting holes in fences or putting up pens to keep cows out of corn.

  • Solution Two

You can ask a friend to help you with putting up a barbed-wire fence around a baited area in the pasture. The deer would jump the wire and the hogs would go under it. It keeps the cows out.

  • Solution Three

You can set up an electric fence around your feeder, 2 wires of braided nylon electric and should have no issues at all as far as there is enough moisture to shock them.

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Most cows respect electricity and won’t mess with it. However, ensure there is none landing a foot or two from the edge of the fence, that might give them too much incentive to try it.

  • Solution Four

Shop on Amazon and get the hog panels that are 16 feet long and 5 feet high. Then T-post them in a triangle and viola!

No more cattle problem. The deer can clear the 5 foot fine, but if you want to make it easier for the deer, take the top foot to a foot and a half off with bolt cutters. the panels are about 17 bucks and i bet you can come up with t-posts.

Good luck.

  • Solution Five

This solution requires you to spread corn in the area you will hunt the hardest. 1 bag of corn can go a long way.

Cattle can’t eat the stuff spread out (at least most), they are missing a mandible in their mouth to pick up small things such as corn.

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Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

  • Solution Six

Deer Cane blocks are an effective solution too. Simply break them up and mix them into the dirt.

Cows might sniff around but they usually won’t eat it because the dirt is mixed in it. But, Deer love it! They will scrape around digging it up.

  • Solution Seven

You can feed corn just by spreading real light. Cows don’t like to work really hard for food.

This works pretty well, or get some cracked corn, it lays on the ground better and the cows can’t get to it easily.

  • Solution Eight

You can run an electric fence around the feeder. Usually, I fence off a 30′ x 30′ area around the feeder, that way my camera can be inside the fence so a cow can’t bother it either I use one strand of wire and a solar charger.

This works like a charm; the cows won’t bother you. The deer and turkeys aren’t bothered by it either, they jump over or slide under it.

How to Keep Cows from eating Deer Corn

Can Cows Eat Deer Corn?

Yes, cows do eat deer corn if it is accessible.

Now that you know how to feed deer with cows around, Good luck with whatever solution you pick!

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