How to Get Rid of Brown Dust On Bottom Of Pool PERMANENTLY

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I know how you feel, looking at nice sparkily water and seing a dirt splotch on the bottom.

Is the brown dust dead algae, or do you think it’s live? It could be dead algae. I’d try vacuuming it by hand.

Is it ‘coming back’ or just settling back down, in roughly the same spots?

Mustard algae can be brown, but it’s more often yellowish.

Quick Fix:

Add DE (BUY ON AMAZON) to your filter again, but watch the water stream from the return: if it gets cloudy, or even visible, your filter most likely needs work. If dirt bypasses the filter then that could mean the filter is most likely the culprit.

If your filter is fine, then you may need to do some hand vacuuming. Leave the DE in the filter then Hand Vac the pool, and then backwash.

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brown dust on bottom of pool

How to Get Rid of Brown Dust On Bottom Of Pool

Dust, Pollen etc could be the cause of brown-looking dust at the bottom of your pool. If you are surrounded by trees and plants, road dust, etc, then I recommend you plop the vacuum in the pool daily and allow it get to work.

Additonally, You should try skimmer socks (IT WORKS LIKE MAGIC).

I would try three things which may eliminate or minimize it….

  1. Increase your FC level to about 6-8ppm for at least 4 days and see if that helps. If it’s algae, the “dirt” will increase at first and then go away.
  2. Clean you filter.
  3. Use a Dust and Silt Bag

Personally, I put a dust and slit bag on my 280 and it cleared my sand and dirt problem in 48 hours.


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