How to Get Rid of Black Spots in Pool Plaster QUICK

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Black spots in pool plaster is most likely caused by metal stains than black algae. Check your pool and confirm if it is black algae or just mild metal stains. You can get rid of the metal stains using MetalFree and StainFree products with moderate to good results.

If it’s algae, you can use metal brush and algaecide without copper. Do not use algaecide made out of copper as that will just put back in what you tried so hard to remove

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How to Get Rid of Black Spots in Pool Plaster

I recommend pool owners to test and know the state of their water more than once a month since most pool store testing is in most cases not accurate.

The two test we endorse are the

  • TF-100 (much preferred) on AMAZON and the
  • Taylor K-2006C both available on AMAZON .(BUY ON AMAZON)

Using these kits will provide you with accurate results of:

FC (up to 50ppm and provides an exact number, not the color matching block which only goes to 5ppm and is questionable since you’re trying to match colors)

  • CC
  • CH
  • CYA
  • pH
  • TA
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Phosphates should be no issue as far as your pool is properly managed with chlorine.

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Did Your Pool have Black Marks before the Ascorbic Acid Treatment?

Buy a single chlorine tab ( BUY ON AMAZON) and place it down on some spots for a couple of minutes. Wait and look closely if there are any changes you notice. If there isn’t any, then you should go get some cheap Vitamin C tablets and stuff them in a sock and smash them up a not. Then hold that sock on some stains and see if that alters it.

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It the chlorine puck alters it- its organic. If the Vit C alters it, it suggests metals.

How to Get Rid of Black Spots in Pool Plaster

Can I use Some Ascorbic Acid (basically granulated Vitamin-C) instead of Vitamin C?

Yeah! Of course! You can use ascorbic acid since it is the same as Vit.C. A lot of people already have it at home but Vi.C tablets are cheap so we encourage people to use them.

You can also use a sock to keep the ascorbic acid where you need it to work and can be taken away if such need arise.

Make sure to brush REAL good once you are through.

Good luck!

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