How to Get Grants For Tree Removal QUICK!

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There are ways to get trees removed without you having to pay for the service yourself.

You can get a tree assistance program or better still get a Government grant for tree removal.

The tree removal process can quite be tedious and the price is so exorbitant that you may not be able to afford it as at the time the tree needs to be removed.

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Removing trees at no cost is very difficult to find but it is not entirely impossible just that it is quite rare.

A lot of people find it difficult to pay for tree services, especially an expert tree removal service.

In this article, we will be looking at some free tree removal grants you can as well go for.

Grants Given By The Federal Government For Free Tree Removal

The federal government will only be willing to give grants for tree removals for trees that stand as a problem to local commerce.

Some trees may harbor pests that will hinder the growth of local fruit operations.

To remove the threat of getting other trees infected the local council can offer a subsidized tree removal fee to encourage others in getting rid of problematic trees as well.

The money will not be paid to you directly but to the tree removal company.

Another scenario is the removal of trees that pose potential damage to the environment, in this case, the council can go as far as to can their expert tree removal company to get rid of the hazardous tree before it does more harm than good.

Even workers in the Local Government can benefit from certain grants in some circumstances.

You can get more useful information about grants for tree removals from local tree removal specialists.

Trees Causing Damage To Insured Properties

Insurance companies can as well pay for trees to be removed if the trees are posing as a source of danger to your properties that are already insured. Read and understand your insurance policy before making any insurance claims as regards tree removal.

With tree insurance, the tree can only be removed if it only poses a danger to your insured property.

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Trees On Government Lands

Trees on Government’s land are the sole responsibility of the Government to remove, all you need do is to inform the Government and they will have it removed for you.

Trees on Neighbours Property

If there are trees on your neighbors’ property, it is your neighbor’s responsibility to have the trees removed. But if branches are overhanging to your property, then it is your responsibility to have the branches cut off.

Grants For Tree Removal

How To Get Grants And Financial Help For Tree Removal

Some Grants For Free Tree Removal are:

Like we have started earlier, cutting down trees is a very expensive venture and there are a lot of people out there that may find it difficult to pay such a huge amount of money.

In America, there are some grants for free tree removal you can access and they are:

  • Harold K.L. Castle Foundation

The grant given by Harold K.L. Castle Foundation is solely an Equip grant, the grant is to help remove trees for windbreaks, fire breaks, site preparations, and fences.

The total money given for the Equip grant is to the tune of $101.710 and the grant is for four years.

  • Cal Fire:

The Cal Fire program is a fire program set up by the State of California. The grant is given to help in removing dead trees. As of now, the grant is not yet in effect, but for information about it, you can visit the California Fire Prevention Grant Program.

  • VBRRA(Victoria Bushfire Reconstruction and Recovery Authority):

This grant is solely for people who have their yards or garden destroyed by bushfires. The grant will meet the cost of assessing and removing hazardous trees. The grant can be to the total tune of


  • Ohio Department of Natural Resources(ODNR):

Ohio Department of Natural Resources helps with grants to remove trees from the properties of Ohio residents. The total sum of the grant is $380,000.

About 27 countries in Ohio are eligible to apply for these grants.

  • Power Company Removal:

Any tree closed to a power source, mostly overhead power sources will be removed and the cost will be borne by the power company.

  • Tree Removals By Your Municipal:

you can call the attention of your Municipal to trees that you feel should be removed.

This is all dependent on the area the tree is located, they are mainly responsible for trees that are grown in the sidewalks as they are responsible for planting them in the first place.

The trees will be removed if the branches are encroaching on your house or if the roots are getting into the sewers. They will bear the full costs of the removal.

  • Advertise To Have Your Trees Removed In Exchange For Wood:

You can have your tree removed for free if you are willing to give the wood for exchange.

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You can do this advertisement in the local newspaper or the community blog

  • Have Your Trees Removed By Loggers:

if you have got from the type of trees that have quality like fir or prune Tree, then you can as well reach out to loggers to have them removed for the tree.

The good news is that you may likely even get paid for the trees removed. You will not only be saving money but earning some extra buck.

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Can You Get Grants For Planting Trees

Yes. It is very possible to get grants for planting trees.

Grants for tree planting can be gotten from federal, state, or local Government, conversion charities, woodlands, etc.

A tree grant is simply a sum of money given by an organization to either an individual or an organization for the purchase of trees and other related pieces of equipment.

We have got free tree initiatives that will give the planters free trees to plant rather than giving the planter money to plant the trees.

These free tree initiatives are majorly charity organizations, they will send-pack of free trees to community centers and schools to encourage planting.

You can also get free trees by joining organizations that are into Conservation.

You can also get free trees on April 22 of each year(Earth day) it is always worth asking around your local area to glean more information

People also give away trees when they have got much growing or when they are moving houses, and you can get access to these trees by checking classified magazines and websites like  Craiglist, Gumtree, Free cycles, etc.

Grants Available For Tree Planting

Any grant that is given for tree planting is solely dependent on your local area.

Every area has its own distinct environmental needs, as their environmental needs differ so is their tree planting initiatives and grants, it differs depending on the state, country etc

Some grants available for tree planting include:

  • Forestry grants:

These are start-up grants made available for those that already have an existing forested land or those Wishing to start forestry.

These offer specific trees that they feel are suited for the land.

The best way to get access to these grants is to speak with your local government department of forestry or agriculture.

For young groups or individuals under 21 wishing to plant trees, they can be given grants through schools, youth groups, and even local communities.

How To Qualify For a Tree Planting Grant

To be able to qualify for a tree-planting grant, you will have to aspire to establish woods, reside in a region where trees are in high demand, work in agriculture, or be a member of a community-focused group.

There are funds available exclusively for those who want to plant trees in impoverished countries. One such endeavor is the Green Earth Appeal, and trust has a fantastic list of ten tree-planting initiatives.

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Every grant-giving organization has its application and acceptance requirements, so the best thing to do is to for a grant that pertains to you and studies the paperwork.

Alternatively, simply contact your local representatives; they are available to assist you.

How To Get Free Trees From The Government

If you want to plant trees in your yard, neighbourhood, school, or community, you’ll be pleased to learn that there are numerous locations where you can do it for free.

And one of such places is from the Government.

Trees are very beneficial to us, apart from providing us with clean air, they help to keep our environment looking beautiful.

Some places you can get free trees from include:

  • Government:

The Government, either the state, federal or local government is one good place you can go ahead to source free trees from.

You can go about it by reaching out to any of your city or county department to find out if there is any information about tree planting grants being given. They will give you more information on how to go about it.

You can find government-free tree programs near you.

Start by using your Google search bar, type Government free tree programs near me or add your location, name of the city, country, etc.

Federal, state, and local governments will always provide grants relating to tree planting in the neighborhood.

Some State Government that provides grants for tree planting is the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection Green Trees for the Golden State Grant Program.

The grant is between $30,000 to $100,000, these grants are awarded to residents, businesses, local government, etc

Other places include:

  • Craigslist:

you might find people giving away seeds, seedlings on craigslist.

Craigslist is a terrific location to hunt for free items, such as free firewood, pallets, and even free plants and flowers for your yard.

It is usually worth a look because you can get almost anything for free.

  • Global Releaf grant:

Throughout its grant, they have been able to plant over a 33million  trees.

They partner with local, state, and federal agencies to bring about reforestation projects.

For you or an agency to qualify for this grant, the minimum acre of land required is 20 acres and above, and the land must have been previously damaged by natural disasters like bushfires,  tornadoes or hurricanes, or even damaged by humans.


With the immense benefits, trees afford us and the rate of deforestation these days, it will only be logical to seek for aid to plant new trees that will be of use not only to us but to the environment as a whole.

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