How to Fix the High Limit 2 Fault Code on Your Raypak

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Are you getting a high limit 2 fault code on your heater? We have the perfect fix for you! The first thing to check is to ensure your heater is getting strong water to it. If you have a manual heater bypass make sure it is configured to let all of the water go through the heater. Check to make sure your return jets are getting a good strong flow.

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How to Fix the High Limit 2 Fault Code on Your Raypak

The high Raypak Hi Limit Error Code means the hi limit 2 switches is open or:

  • A dirty or bad connection at the switch
  • A bad wiring from the switch back to the board
  • A bad switch
  • A flow issue problem. Check to see if the heat exchanger is calcified.
  • A sooted heat exchanger. That would mean the heat is not being transferred to the pool water efficiently and a lot of heat is going to the flue tripping the switch.
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raypak high limit 2 fault

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We recommend checking your switch wires and connections first. If they’re fine then you should check through the exchanger tubes for calcium deposit and scaling. Plus, the outside of the fins for sooting. In some cases, the issue could a PC board.

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