How to Fix a 1/4 Turn Tap Dripping or Leaking EASY

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There is a way to repair a 1/4 turn tap dripping or leaking but you might need to replace a/some parts of the body.

How to Fix a 1/4 Turn Tap Dripping or Leaking

Generally speaking, fixing a leaking tap involves turning off water supply to taps and removing body and replacing washers that has worn. If it’s a ceramic disc tap, you will need to remove the body and take it to a plumber merchants to try and source the correct size of the ceramic disc as thee are different models out there, so will need the correct part.


As soon as you have the correct part it’s just a case of inserting new bodies into tap!

  • Method One

A dripping tap can be fixed by fitting a new cartridge or washer, depending on the tap style. Turn off the tap’s water supply, and then open the tap to relieve the pressure.

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Next, remove the head and shroud to gain access to the tap body. Then grab a spanner and remove the tap body, but do that with care since you don’t want to loosen the tap as you do this (So, hold the tap spout). Then you can fit a new tap cartridge or washer and replace in reverse order.

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1/4 Turn Tap Dripping

  • Method Two

Fixing a leaking tap can be typically done with a new ceramic cartridge or washer.

  • Isolate water supply to taps
  • Then remove either and take it to the nearest plumber’s merchant or DIY store.
  • For monobloc taps, you will need a new cartridge ordered. In some cases, the tap heads will only need to be re-seated to stop the leak. If that is your case, then you can easily change the taps or call in a plumber.
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Once the tap heads/washer has been successfully changed, turn the water a bit to check for leaks below the tap as movement is a typical occurrence when changing tap heads which can loosen fittings underneath.

  • Method Three

If it’s a quarter turn tap then you should change the cartridge but ensure that it is an identical replacement including length and no of spindles.

If this is a tap that you can turn over half then the washer inside the tap needs to be changed and add a small amount of silicon grease to help give it a smooth action.

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On the pillar style taps you would usually change the washer inside the tap, if it is also stiff you may need to change the whole cartridge. Sometimes it is necessary to re seat the tap where the washer sits. If it is a lever tap only option is to change the cartridge. In a lot of cases the prices aren’t much different to just replace the whole tap.

To fix  Kitchen, basin mixers, You must shut the water off then open up the tap and replace the cartridge. Single taps for hot and cold are pretty much the same scenario – shut the water off, check the washer, check the jumper then replace. however, I will always recommend changing the taps heads and cartridges with the kits that are available.

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