How to Fill in a Large Pond with Dirt – QUICK n EASY!

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Here’s how to fill in a large pond:

  • Drain the water using a bucket or pump
  • Take away the rubber tarp that likely stores the water
  • Fill the hole with bottom 6-6” with whatever cheap fill you can get your hands on locally & then 4-6” of good topsoil
  • Seed with grass and water.
  • Then add rocks at the top for design/aesthetic effects.


How to Fill in a Small or Large Pond with Dirt

For a small pond, use a bucket to empty most of it. For a larger pond, you can use a pump to get rid of the water then pull up the liner and allow the rest drain into the soil.

I do not advise using rocks to fill it because it becomes impossible to dig anywhere. So, once you are done taking out the liner, fill the bottom 6-8” with soil and then 4-6” with a good topsoil.

You will need a bit less than a full-size pickup load od fill, maybe around $15-20 at your local gravel pit if you load it yourself.

You could rake 1″ of compost over the top to help the lawn seed get established.

Cheapest Way to Fill in A Pond

The cheapest way to fill in a pond is to look around (eBay, local paper) and reach out to people looking to dispose off soil/sand. You do them a big favor by getting it off their hands.

If you have some free soil lying around, you could use that too. Personally, I wouldn’t pay for it unless you can’t find anything, probably want to buy some good quality top soil off the final 6-12 inches.

You can drain before filling using a hose. Turf is cheap btw though don’t get it from a big DIY chain as it’s dearer there, look around a local landscaping supplier you can pick it up for under £2 a square metre.

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What to do with Unwanted Pond

Here’s 4 cool things to do with an unwanted pond:

  • Renovate the pond & charge a small fee when people want to take a picture
  • Get rid of it.
  • Place a barrier around the pond
  • Give it away or sell it

How to Fill in A Large Pond

How to Fill in a Natural Pond

You can fill in a natural pond by:

  • Adding water
  • Or draining your pond and adding material to fill it in.

I wouldn’t recommend filling a natural pond though as there could be environmental laws consequence once messed with.

Can I fill in a Pond on My Property?

You can fill your pond with top soil after drainage if it’s man-made. However, we do not recommend filling natural ponds on properties as it could negatively affect the environment.

Instead, contact your local country extension service before messing with it.

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