How to Feed Skinny Squirrels

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Some squirrels have skinny tails because they lack essential nutrition.

To help a skinny squirrel, do the following:

  • Order some Henry blocks
  • Wild bites go really well too
  • Offer them to it in place of any seeds or nuts.

The additional nutrition could go a long way in helping her. If she takes just 2 a day of what you feed then she should be getting her hair back.

For added flavor and variety, I’d try putting some coconut or avocado pieces out. The additional calories and fat would be helpful.

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How to Feed Skinny Squirrels

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How to Feed Skinny Squirrels

You should use two hands to toss nuts and keep the strong ones separate from the weaker ones without trapping them.

When the stronger one comes, I toss nuts away from where the other is. Most times, the weak one will run a short distance, I then follow it for a while, and most of them have learned I am there to provide food and help.

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So, they typically lead me to a safe place, and stay there. So, I keep tossing buts across to the others to keep them busy, and then toss to the weak ones at the same time.

As you already guess, this does take time and I am able to do this for 15 minutes, but that’s enough for them to get a good amount of food.

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As for the malnourished ones, I offer them walnuts and pecans with coconut oil spread on top. I also feed coconut meat, avocado, and then good nuts such as fillberts and almonds etc.

The coconut is rich in fat and features anti-viral and anti-fungal properties that helps them. A lot of them will eat the coconut oil nuts, as not all are interested in the coconut meat or the avocado.

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