How to Dispose of Chlorine Tablets in UK & US

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Although there are many steps on how to dispose of chlorine tablets safely, it sure does not involve tossing them in the trash – that is not a good option, and is often illegal.

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How to Dispose of Chlorine Tablets

AVOID breathing that in as chlorine gas can do a lot of damage to you.

So, what can you do with unwanted chlorine chemicals?

  • You can give them away to a neighbor or friend who will find them useful in their pool
  • You can keep them dried and use them in your pool
  • Store them when you have no need for them
  • Chlorine can be used around your house.
  • You can hire a HazMat company to take them away.
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How to Dispose of Chlorine Tablets

How do I Safely Dispose Of Wet Chlorine Tabs

Tabs are generally unsustainable form of chlorine for spas and pools.

  • DO NOT wear a mask so your nose can tell when you’re in danger.
  • Wear rubber gloves if you want to fish them out
  • Get a disposable tub and let them dry in those then you can reuse.
  • Then you can reuse or give to a friend.
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