How To Clean A Sprayer After Using Roundup

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Just rinse with water and that should be ok. However, you can also do the following:

  • Fill the tank part way and then run the sprayer
  • Next, fill the tank part way, and then add in a cleaning agent (dish detergent works fine) and the run the sprayer, again.
  • Again, fill the tank part way and then run the sprayer.
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Remember to treat the flush water as chemically treated, and don’t do this in your yard, you might not be happy with the result.

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How To Clean A Sprayer After Using Roundup

Round up itself is a good tank cleaner and will get rid of all traces of 2-4D if there are any in there from your yard spraying.

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That said, it still needs to be removed before you go back. So, rinse until you don’t see any bubbles-fill up part way, sides of tank, slosh around to get sides and top of tank, then dump/pump out and repeat.

Ensure you flush any agitation/return lines, hand wands, booms, pumps, and hoses during each step.

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DON’T USE AMMONIA as that would be asking for more problems than any benefit with the use of round up. That is because ammonia or bleach is not eco-friendly, will causes stains and it’s fume inhalation is not good and will ruin your clothes.

It is not needed to clean the tanks, in my opinion.

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