How To Aerate A Pool To Raise pH FOR FREE

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Aeration is done to re-raise pH without increasing T/A.

Simple ways to aerate your pool:

  • Pointing your returns right along the surface
  • Buy a cheap fountain sprayer on Amazon (CHECK ON AMAZON). Ensure it is one that can be screwed into the return outlet. They do a wonderful job of aeration.
  • Lastly, a gang of 12 year olds do FANTASTIC jobs too, haha.

How To Aerate A Pool To Raise pH

In this section, you will find three methods you can use to aerate your pool:

  • Method One

Point your returns upwards and run your pump on high (if it is variable or 2-speed speed) so that the water breaks the surface creating waves. If you have waterfalls, spillovers, fountains, or other aerating water features, you can run them.

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  • Method Two

Point the water at an angle to create a churning effect that also makes waves in the water. This is more effective than sending the flow up.

It even gets better if you can put a jet nozzle or aerating nozzle on the end. That covers more pool surface area and can add extra air bubbles into the pool water.

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Alternatively, you can also point your returns up with the pool pump on high to break the surface of the water again creating g wave action.

How To Aerate A Pool To Raise pH

  • Method Three

The best and most effective method is by using an air compressor (CHECK ON AMAZON) to produce many tiny bubbles starting at the bottom of the deep end of the pool, but that’s not always readily available.

How To Aerate A Pool With Air Compressors

Pool aerators are accessible at pool supply stores just as numerous web based shopping sites like Amazon. These aerators are cheap and ought to be not difficult to install. Whenever you’ve discovered your preferred aerator, all that is left for you to do is connect the aerator to the return line of your pool. The valve for the return line will then  need to be switched on at that point, which will allow water to be circled and sent once again into your pool with the oxygen it needs to diminish temperatures. The temperature of your pool water should now be ideal for swimming.

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