How Old is My Pool Heater? – TELL THE AGE IN 3 STEPS!

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To know the age of your pool heater, you need to check for a manufacturer label on the water heater side – Typically, that features the installation date.

If the label is not listed there or is missing, you can use the serial number to calculate the age of your unit.

How Do I Determine the Age of a Hayward Pool Heater from The Serial Number?

Check the serial number on the unit. The 5th and 6th digits of the serial number of your Hayward heat pump pool heater is actually the year it was manufactured, then the next two are the month.

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how to know hayward serial number

In the example shown above, the unit is produced in August, 2017. This serial number system has been in effect since May, 2010.

How Do I Determine the Age of a Hayward Pool Heater from The Serial Number

For models made between 2005-mid-2010, a common serial number should appear like this: (21) 120-510-000048965. The 6th digit is the year of manufacture, and the 7th and 8th are the month, which translates to October, 2005.

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How Do I Determine the Age of An Aquacal Pool/Spa Heat Pump from The Serial Number?

For Aquacal pool/spa heat pumps, you’d find older data plates stamped on metal and newer ones come in a printed sticker. It is mostly followed by a single letter and two numbers.

The two numbers are the year it was made, and the letter is the month in an A an A = January, B = February, and so forth, format.

AquaCal serial on metal

Here is a picture of an older stamped metal one above. It’s difficult to read from the photo. However, the serial number is CPAB33225 – C98. That means it was made in March of 1998. Plus, the newer one below is January 2014.

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AquaCal serial on sticker

And here’s a more recent one with “I17,” which would be September of 2017. You have to look carefully to tell that it’s an “I” and not a “1.”

AquaCal serial on plastic

How Do I Determine the Age of a Raypak Pool/Spa Heat Pump from The Serial Number?

Before 1995, it was month (first 2 digits) and then year (digits 3 and 4). Starting in 1995, they changed to year and month. The serial number 1604304448 was made in April 2016. You can call Raypak if you have any specific questions about your unit or to verify the date of manufacture. Maybe see if it’s registered for warranty.

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