How Many Hours Should AC Run Per Day? – Summer/Winter

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The air conditioners are designed to operate 24 hours a day. It all depends on your actual requirement and reason for using the air conditioner. If you’re referring to nighttime use, yes, it can be used optimally for around 5–6 hours, assuming you don’t sleep more than 8 hours!

Modern appliances are designed to be used continuously throughout the day. Additionally, operating an air conditioner for 5–6 hours per day is quite reasonable.

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This type of usage results in no premature aging of components.


How Many Hours Should AC Run Per Day

Additionally, the electricity bill will vary depending on the energy star rating of the air conditioner.

By considering one’s monthly expenditure budget, one can determine how long one should keep the air conditioner running. It is determined by your usage.

Typically, you use air conditioning from March to August. If you are using during the day, it is recommended that you keep your air conditioner set to 26 degrees Fahrenheit or higher for economic use.

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If you use it at night for sound and smooth sleep, the temperature is the same 26 degrees in sleep mode, which saves you money, and it is up to you to turn it off when you feel too cool for a period of time.

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If it is in sleep mode, or if it is an inverter air conditioner, once it reaches 26 degrees, it will maintain that temperature through smooth maintenance and will shut down after 8 hours without your intervention.

That is, in an inverter air conditioner, if your remote switch has a sleep mode and the air conditioner also has one.

As a result, it is dependent on usage and room temperature.

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